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1920’s Dance Style – Charleston

1920’s Sizzling Dance Style & Emergence Of Charleston

In the time of 1920’s, the worlds have witnessed several new dance styles along with Blues music and Jazz. Most of the dances in 20s were energetic and fast paced. Seeing those dances it seemed as they are showing off the optimistic feel of that era. The dance styles were usually fearless as they had no fear of war. Almost every dance will reflect such features including Charleston which had gained amazing popularity in dancing industry in time.  Charleston dance style is highly fierce and energetic dance form and this article will help you learning key factors about it.

Overview About Charleston

This dance style précis the time of 20s and in 1923, Afro American Broadways black cast introduced it to world through Ziegfield Follies which gained outstanding popularity in the world. Moreover, Charleston is still known as a sign of Jazz age and is featured by outward kicks that combined to up/down movements. These movements can be made by straightening or bending the knees when music is on. Charleston is called black bottom when flappers danced this style with knock knees, flying beads and crossing hands. This dance was first seen in 1926 and within a year, this dance extended to all over the world.

Charleston Dance

Charleston Inspired The Dancing World

This is so true that the popularity of Charleston made the world overwhelmed in such a surprising way. Several dancing professionals got inspired by this dance style. After getting inspired, choreographers and dancers promoted it too. Moreover, several other dance forms have emerged from this dance style – Charleston in which blues dancing was one of them. That time, everyone was thinking that good time for Charleston will never come to an end. Thus, in Jazz era, Charleston was on the height of victory and was keep on inspiring world with its amazing appeal and nonstop growth.

World Got Crazy For Charleston In Jazz Age

Seeing such popularity of any dance style is really not possible except Charleston. No doubt, it emerged in America, but the fragrance of this dance had not spared anyone around the globe. Breaking all barriers, people living any part of the world was familiar with this dance style. It was a dance that was being danced in 4/4 rhythm and with full of enthusiasm. This is because of the energetic feel of this dance that made youngsters crazy about Charleston in 20s.

Charleston & Its Relation With Rebellious Ladies Of 20s

As it is known that the dance style Charleston mainly is famous with flappers which are known as rebellious ladies of 20s. These women became rebellious for wearing short outfits, jazz music listening and bobbing hair etc. At that time, all these activities were considered as scandalous and flappers did not follow the restrictions. Lately, they considered to be rebellious women of 20s. In Charleston dance, you will smell a sense of revolt and that is a reason, there is still a strong relation between Charleston and those rebellious women.