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1920’s Dance Style – Lindy Hop

Vibrant Dance Styles Of 20s

The era of 20s had presented several dance styles which got popularity around the world due to its exuberant and lively nature. After seeing dancing videos of 20s, you can easily observe the level of dancing and energy. The dance styles are very graceful and energetic. Even seeing these dance styles today; you will certainly experience similar energy level as performers had been feeling at that time. These are very simple and elegant dance styles that are a reason, any dancer can easily learn the way of dancing with bit learning.

Dance Styles Come Under Swing Dance Form

Most of the dance styles of 20s come under swing dance category as per the attitude and moves. Swing dance is not called to any dance style, but it is a kind of group dance with sizzling moves and enthusiasm. The main cause of calling it swing dance is that; this dance is performed on swinging jazz music. Though, the list of dance styles of 20s contains several names, but in these dance styles, Lindy Hop has got amazing recognition in the world of dancers.

Lindy Hop – A Famous Dance Form Of 20s

Lindy Hop – A Famous Dance Form Of 20s

The time of 20s was famous for several type of art work in the world. At this time, different kinds of dance forms emerged and Lindy Hop was one of the most prevalent dance forms of 20s. This dance can only be performed by couples. If you are interested in Lindy Hop, then firstly get a partner for you. It is also famous as swing dance. This dance form – Lindy Hop is called as father of several other dance forms like Boogie Woogie, Rock n Roll, Jive and West Coast Swing. Though, this dance overall is brilliant but acrobatic feat in Lindy Hope is the most interesting aspect of this dance.

Amazing Popularity Of Lindy Hop

Initially, when lindy hop came into light, it was born from powerful Charleston’s shadow. Some people have been calling it a dance style for young people, but it was not true. In very small amount of time, Lindy Hop got amazing popularity and gathered vast UK following. This dance form reigned over dancing industry for around a decade. People in 20s started performing Lindy hop dance style in various occasions like holidays, club nights, competitions, trades, drop in classes etc.

Lindy Hop & Its Flawless Features

As it is said that Lindy Hop consists to energetic moves and swing dancing, so the performance of this dance form will be surprising. Considering events in 1927, it is seen that performers of Lindy Dance were tearing the Harlem dance halls and after being inspired by Charleston, they added Jazz steps in the dance by which they introduced fluent break outs. This is how; they won several dance competitions with Lindy Hop.