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1920’s Dance Style – Tango

Tango – A Famous 1920’s Dance Style

In the period of 20s, tango is listed as one of the most sensuous and romantic dance style. This dance style was born in Argentina and was known as a social dance. It is based deeply on improvisation and is developed almost around cozy and close interaction and romantic communication between dancers or dancing partner which are impeccable. This is all because there were no particular base, patterns etc. Still, calling it a sexual or core sensual dance will not be appropriate because it was performed by only men in tango clubs.

Birth Of Tango In Argentina

The Tango dance style was firstly introduced in Argentina by European community of immigrant in year 1890. In starting, tango was like several other dance styles, but lately it got its name “tango”. In a rapid speed, it became the mania for underclass people who used to dance in crowds and it leaded to casual but close contact while dancing. With time, the tango music gained attractive popularity in Argentina. It comprised of third part of all records in gramophone as well as sheet music which had been sold from 1902 to 1920.

Tango Dancing

Craze Of Tango Among All Classes People & In different Countries

In year 1912, the tango dance and music started spreading all over the world. Initially, where this dance was performed only by barrios, now people in high class and middle class also started liking this dance style. At this time, tango reached to nightclubs in Argentina. After making Argentina crazy, the impact of tango spread over other countries like Berlin, London and Paris. Though, in these countries, tango was being performed in less close contact in partners. This dance got a new expression and home in Finland where it was played in flowing and minor keys, horizontal patterns and was named as Finnish Tango. This form of Tango had also got amazing popularity in year 1950.

Distinctive Features Of English Tango

When tango was adopted by English people, they brought some astonishing changes in this dance style. English tango had some different features which had not been seen ever in Argentina. The dance English tango was evolved in ballroom style and was perfectly structured with hard and fast codes. Such style introduced some movements which were more staccato. The movement of head snap of English tango was quite popular as it was seen in many films. In New York, this dance was modified to wide embrace.

Tango And Its Association With Tragic Love Music

As tango was rapidly extended from one country to another, people made few changes in this dance style. But in Argentina, tango got associated with a tragic love song naming Carlos Gardel’s Mi Noche Triste. In 20s, it was emerged from classical music that made it quite complex as well as added elegant flavor. So, you will see several modifications in history of Tango that had changed this dance style at a great extent.