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1920s Fancy Shoes for Women

It is not complicated to identify shoes that came from the 1920s or were inspired by the 1920s. However, there are some people who find it hard to distinguish casual shoes from the 1920s and fancy shoes from the 1920s. There are some women who are just so in love with vintage shoes are trying to look for vintage pair of shoes from the 1920s that are in a great condition. To make sure that a specific type of shoe is vintage and in great condition, a little time, effort, and money will be needed since vintage shoes will most likely come pricey.

Common Shoe Design during the 1920s

1920s Fancy Shoes for Women

Not all shoes used by women from the 1920s have the same design, however, there was a certain design that was commonly used during the 1920s. Closed toed bar strap shoes and T-strap heels were the design mostly common used in the 1920s. Those shoe designs mentioned were worn with skirts, gowns, and even dresses. Closed toed bar strap shoes were highly loved by women during the 1920s, especially women who loved dancing to jazz music since the strap and the closed-toe design kept their feet protected as they’re dancing.

Differentiate Fancy Shoes from Casual Shoes from the 1920s

The design of shoes worn by women in the 1920s during daytime and nighttime are somehow similar. Embellishments and small decorative details determined whether a certain pair of shoes is fancy or not. For fancy shoes in the 1920s, backs of heels were adorned with various decorations, such as sequences and/or beads. And if the fabric of the shoes is embroidered, it’s most likely to be a fancy pair of shoes. There were also instances that the strap/s of a fancy pair of shoes were adorned with beads and also embroidered.

1920s Shoes Today

If you will find it very hard to find a pair of vintage 1920s shoes that is in great condition, you can look for current styles emulating the look of the past. Buying current styles emulating the look of the past can ensure you that the pair of shoes you are going to buy is in great condition and was not used by other people. One disadvantage of buying a used vintage pair of 1920s shoes is that you can’t store it for another several years, since the shoes already came with lot of wear and tear.