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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

3 Easy Tips on Designing an Art Deco Bedroom

Following an art deco design for the design of your bedroom is a great idea. You can bring art deco’s elegance and glamour right at your very own bedroom. Art deco design will not just make any room elegant and glamorous, it can also make any room look modern or contemporary. Using the art deco design for a bedroom can give it a unique design, which anyone will surely love. There are no limits as if to which room you are going to use art deco design, from master’s bedroom, living room, nursery, study room, office, bathroom, and other parts of the house can be done with art deco design.

Designing an Art Deco Bedroom

Art Deco Upholstered Brown Headboard

If you are on a tight budget, you can still turn your ordinary bedroom into a luxurious and modern bedroom with art deco design. You do not actually have to buy ready-made art deco furniture for your bedroom. You can make your own art deco furniture if you have the skills and idea on how to construct things.

Tips on Art Deco Design Bedroom

  1. One of the most common bedroom art deco furniture is an upholstered headboard. If you have tried checking furniture stores for upholstered headboards, you were probably shocked, because upholstered headboards can cost a lot of money. If you have an existing headboard inside your bedroom, you can actually cover it up with upholstery using a tacker or staple gun. That way, you can save hundreds of dollars.
  2. If you do not have any existing headboard at home, you can easily make your own headboard. You can use light piece of ply wood and upholster it using staple guns. After upholstering, you can directly install or attach the headboard to the wall using construction strength Velcro. If you want to add details and design to your art deco headboard, you can add buttons and other decorations you can think of that will complement the overall art deco design.
  3. Another common art deco furniture for bedrooms is mirror. Installing mirrored night stands into your bedroom can make the feel inside more “art deco”. Installing mirrors inside your bedroom will not just add to the art deco feel, it can also make your room appear larger. Mirrors can also help in reflecting light, which will make your room brighter. Always remember that mirrors should always be present in any art deco design bedrooms, since mirrors were highly used in any art deco design style.