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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

3 Types of Art Deco Design Architecture

Art deco design first started after World War I and became internationally famous during the 1930s. In fact, art deco design has become an inspiration in all areas of design including interior design, jewelries, visual arts (paintings, posters, and movies), postage stamps, furniture, and even architectural designs. In fact, art deco design is still very famous and widely used all over the world these days. With art deco design’s sleek, modern, glamorous, and sophisticated design, who would not love art deco design?

Art Deco Design Architecture

There are 3 different types of art deco design architecture or art deco architecture. You can in fact see all these 3 different types of art deco architectures all over the world. If you are an avid traveler around the world, you have definitely seen different structures with art deco design.

Stepping Type of Art Deco Design Architecture

Stepping Type: Buffalo Electric Tower in Buffalo, New York

In United States, the first type of art deco architecture built was a zigzag or stepping type. Art deco architecture that is a stepping type is usually used for tall structures, including skyscrapers and towers. A skyscraper is one of the best examples of art deco architecture, since the base of a skyscraper is wide, and as the building grows taller, it slowly gets narrower.

Classic Moderne Art Deco Design Architecture

Art deco architecture that is classic moderne is greatly associated with graceful composition. Classic modern art deco architecture is the modified design of classical architectural forms. Symmetry is greatly valued in classic modern art deco architecture. Usually, classic modern art deco architectures are structured horizontally. Classic moderne art deco architectures are usually with painted murals, painted statueary, and distinguished imagery in different mediums. The purpose of the buildings or structures under classic modern art deco design architecture is conveyed through symbols, designs, and painted images.

Streamline Moderne Art Deco Design Architecture

Streamline Moderne Art Deco Architecture in Old Miami Beach, Florida

Of all 3 types of art deco design architecture, the Streamline Moderne type appears to be the most modernistic. This type of art deco design can easily be identified through its clean, smooth lines, which can convey aerodynamic qualities in its style. Structures made under streamline modern art deco architecture usually are box-like in appearance and they have flat roofs, unlike other structures. Currently, if you want to see perfect examples of streamline modern art deco design architectures, drive your way to the Old Miami Beach, Florida, for they have lots of structures influenced by streamline modern art deco design architecture.