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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

5 Unique Ways to Decorate a House Using Art Deco Mirrors

A well placed mirror widens up the area, enhance the view and add shine to anything that surrounds its focal area. Here are 5 unique ideas for using Art Deco Mirrors in your house. Art Deco mirrors are known for their linear symmetry and artistic patterns. The ornamental style of these decorative utility of your home can give add your home a new design definition. They can be an elegant addition to any type of decoration.

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How to Decorate Your Home with Art Deco Mirrors?

Art Deco Mirror

Make a dramatic centrepiece – Place a full-length high drama Art Deco mirror atop the dining-room table (A mirror that is similar to your closet door). Place vases of various forms and heights—some with decorative or real flowers and some without—on the mirror.

Reflective groupings of Art Deco mirror – Take Art Deco mirrors of various shapes and sizes and create a random grouping on any selected wall of your living room. Make sure all mirrors are featuring different borders and frames for a collector’s look.

Reflecting the outdoors – A mirror hung besides the window gives the delusion of another window in the same room. The add-on feature are: the space will look brighter (if the light is bright outside) and bigger.

Emphasize the fireplace mantle – Fireplaces are designed creatively these days to make them a focal point of the room. Add more emphasis to the decor by placing an Art Deco mirror over the fireplace. This will brighten the room and reflective surface to the art pieces you place on the mantle. From seasonal décor to regular candle sticks, a fireplace begs for a beautiful mirror to adorn it.

A full length Art Deco mirror for your bedroom – Full length mirrors can be an elegant way to add emphasis to a dull corner of your bedroom. Your bedroom reflects your personality so you can add framed or frameless mirrors in multiple ways in your bedroom to create a dressing room effect or anything that you like having in your room.

Decorative Art Deco Mirrors

Setting Up Mirrors for Positive Energy

While you are decorating your home exclusively from Art Deco mirrors of different styles and sizes you might also like to place them according to feng shui to bring more positive energy to your home. Here are a few ideas for you to incorporate:

  • Hallway end: If you don’t want to stop flowing positive energy inside your house, don’t place mirror at the end of the hallway.
  • Dining room – For more wealth and fortune place a mirror next to the dining table.
  • Bathrooms: Mirrors symbolize water in feng shui, place a good sized mirror in your bathroom to create a flow of positive energy.

What is your unique idea of decorating house using mirrors?

The true beauty of Art Deco mirrors is that they can be placed in every room and in multiple ways; try these simple yet very creative tips. If you have some unique ideas to decorate a home using Art Deco mirrors, do share with us your ideas in the comment box below.