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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Add Art Deco to Your Home Interior

If reemergence of Art Deco is what you asked your interior designer to add into your home, believe me you are not he only one. Being an interior designer by profession, a friend of mine, daily gets at least one request from their clients to add some charisma of Art Deco to their interior. Art deco is a design movement first emerged in France, after WORLD WAR I. it has a touch of French, Egyptian and Mediterranean culture and emphasizes more on geometric lines and vibrant colors. Bringing that retro look to your interior is not as difficult you would have thought of.  Here are a few easy tips for adding art deco style to any interior.

Bold Geometric Design

As you know that art deco movement had a strong bonding with machine age art. Rectilinear and curvilinear wallpapers instantly catch the attention and are ideal to match your interior with art deco era. Starting off with geometrical shapes and design let’s move to the lavishness and drama that the design movement is known for.

Influence From African Safaris

Glossy Ceramic Tiles

Post World War One, travel had become more popular and tourism industries were at boom.  Tourism like African Safaris brought animal prints, pearl finish and tortoiseshell into the living room as a decor. Use more of animal prints in shiny fabric, mirrors and metallic paints to add the luster of art deco.

Flashy Bedroom Furniture

During this period, art and entertainment industry had also added more glitters to its crown. It was showcasing its talent all around and home decor mimicked its trends. Sculptural table lamps, oil painting, detailed furniture, flamboyant bedroom furniture was all there. Add a few of these elements to your room and instantly get your desired art deco appeal.

Glossy Ceramic Tiles

The term “bold “sometimes not enough to describe many of high-contrast color palettes that are known as art deco area through out the world. Incorporating kind of finishes may bring the same vibe to your interior instantly.  Kitchen and bathroom tiles were more glossy and a combination of monochromatic black and white were seen more often then ever in this era.  Use glossy ceramic tiles and complete the look with beautiful mirrors and mirror finishes.

Add Visual Drama

In simple words art deco movement was nothing but adding visual drama, matching it with cosmopolitan lifestyle. Use distinct lines in furniture and decorate it with zigzags, strips pattern and bold fabrics. Leather, vinyl and silk were the fabric of the era that exuded drama.

Bring this richness of culture and design into your home. Art deco designs are for your or for anyone who like to live life lavishly and wants to bring bold lifestyle choice and a slight drama into their home and interior.