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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco and Art Nouveau

Art Deco and Art Nouveau are both famous design styles that were discovered or found in different eras. Both design styles reflect improvement and advancement of the society during their respective eras. Art deco and Art Nouveau are internationally famous design styles that are able to influence practically all areas of design, such as interior designs, architecture, jewelry, fashion, furniture, and many more. However, art deco and art nouveau are two different design styles that may need some time for it to be properly distinguished from each other.

Art Nouveau History

Example of Art Nouveau Design

Art Nouveau movement started decades before Art Deco movement. Art nouveau started during the year 1884 and it lasted until the start of World War I. Art Nouveau movement reflects the industrial revolution during the 1880s. Art nouveau fashion style reflects the society’s acceptance in mass production and innovative materials. In Art Nouveau is a type of design style that incorporates the “new” and the “old”. Classical mythological figures are usually used in art nouveau, such as fairies and Greek Mythology (Greek Gods and Goddesses). Some art nouveau designers and artists also incorporate natural forms (trees, flowers, plants) with defined geometrical figures in many areas of design.

Art Deco History

Example of Art Deco Design

Art Deco movement started during the end of World War I and lasted until the 1930s. The term “Art deco” was from an exhibit in Paris in 1925, known as the Exposition des Arts Decoratifs. Even though art deco movement only lasted for a short period of time, art deco became internationally famous and still used up to the present time. Art deco design style is considered to be elegant, glamorous, eclectic, and contemporary. Art deco movement reflects progress and improvement in the society post World War I. There were a lot of structures constructed with art deco design, such as skyscrapers.

Obvious Difference between Art Deco from Art Nouveau

Since both design styles (Art Deco and Art Nouveau) reflect improvement and advancement of the society, there are distinct differences between art deco and art nouveau. Art Nouveau usually uses natural forms (trees, flowers, plants, etc.), in art deco rarely uses natural forms. However, for those people who are not familiar with art deco and art nouveau, they may find it very hard to distinguish or determine if that certain design style is art deco or art nouveau. Art deco design style is also a type of eclectic art that have various influences, while art nouveau usually uses classical mythological figures.