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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Cigarette Case-A Fashion Accessory

We have discussed a lot about Art Deco fashion but do you know, during the days of deco there was a hot trend of Art Deco cigarette cases. It was the hot fashion accessory—taking out one of these sexy lil-babes from your purse was the epitome of style and glamour. Cigarette cases came in to fashion when the flappers of 1920s created a wild fever when they first came into public having a cigarette on their hand. These bold, rash women were rebelling convention and shaping culture and fashion in the process.

Cigarette Cases in 1920s

During 1920 the traditional masculine objects, like a cigarette holder began to glamify. Earlier, these cases were basic enamel or silver–they had almost no embellishments. But then big fashion houses like Bulgari and Cartier started taking interest in cigarette cases and produced Deco cases made out of gold–encrusted with diamond, rubies and other precious gemstones to lure their new well-to-do female customers. The charm these cigarette cases had created in 20s is still maintained. They are in-demand collectible today. An Art Deco French 18ct. gold cigarette case by the designer house Cartier sold for more than $4000!

Art Deco Cigarette Case

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Flat-Fifties Cases

In 1920s and ‘30s tobacco companies also manufactured tin cases. And design that became very popular was the one with flat-fifties cases. These convenient cases allowed smokers to carry 50 cigarette at a time—25 each side. All famous brands, from Chesterfield to Camel and Players to Sweet Caporal, all made flat-fifties tins.

A few Popular Art Deco Cigarette Cases

Art Deco Checker Board Cigarette Case – The cigarette case is specifically designed for the king sized cigarettes. This cigarette case design was inspired by Art Deco Style of the underground NY Transit system and the famous mosaic art work. With the embellishment of black and white checker board tile this classic cigarette case is powerful and sleek.

New York Art Deco Cigarette Case – This Art Deco Designer Cigarette Case has been brilliantly finished in chrome. Reminding the New York Style of architecture these cases were very popular at one particular time. With chrome boarders and deep ridges, this functional piece of art is high in fashion trend.

Cigarette Case with Built in Clock – The Art Deco cigarette case has in-built Roman Numeral Timepiece. The case is crafted of the finest brushed metal and has been finished with bright chrome. There is nothing sort of stunning as premium quality roman clock that set in the front.

Final Words

Although the functional reason for a cigarette case is to keep the fragile tobacco tube secured from being crushed. But smoking has always been associated with style and fashion. And this is the reason why cigarette cases quickly became highly ornamental personal accessories in 1920s.