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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Design And The Fashion Trend In 2012

About Art Deco Fashion Trend

The use of geometrical shapes and lines in the clothes is the new take influenced by the art deco design. The year 2012 is all about the new trends in the fashion world inspired by the abstract shapes and designs by the art deco movement in the 1920’s. The art deco design is based on different inanimate objects in the 1920’s which greatly influenced the textile sector. Fashion designers are finding innovative ways to embrace the bold art deco design in their clothing style. Art deco design is known to be the most elegant designs ever produced known for its dark color combination and straight vertical lines in the fashion world.

Art Deco Design In The 1920’s

After the end of the World War I in the 1920; there was a total change in the lifestyle of people. The technological advancement in the 1920’s and changes in the social life of women being more modernized marked the start of the new fashion era. Unlike other movements, art deco movement was totally based on non-political background. The idea behind art deco design was to give world something new in the form of art designs. America underwent many drastic changes in the 1920’s and a zeal and vigor towards art deco design was greatly seen at that time. Art deco design was based on more graphic visualization than becoming a symbol of any protest against any political rule.

The Gucci Spring 2012 Art Deco Fashion Show

New Fashion Line In 2012 Inspired By The Art Deco Design

In the 1920’s and 1930’s art deco design can be seen in almost every aspect of life whether it was fashion, building, movie theatres, jewelry, interiors and cutlery. The art deco movement was started in Paris and it became one of the most eclectic designs ever known to the world. Changes in social lifestyle of people in the 1920’s gave acceptance to new fashion designs like V-necklines, long-waist dress and gave a birth to a new woman in America. From the 1920’s art deco movement can now be seen in the 2012 world fashion seasons.

Luxurious Colors – A Significant Feature Of Art Deco Design And Fashion

Art deco fashion came into limelight in the year 2008, when Marc Jacobs brought up different clothing line influenced by bold colors, vertical lines and geometrical shapes. In 2012, art deco fashion came up with a totally new dimension. The Gucci spring fashion event in 2012 focused on the dress patterns of flappers in the 1920’s and 1930’s along with the combination of different geometrical designs and straight lines on the prints. The luxurious colors and lines on a tuxedo showed the fashion of the straight-cut dresses and patterns.

Time To Change Your Wardrobe With Art Deco Design Clothes

It’s time to change your wardrobe with new art deco fashion. You can buy art deco designed fashion clothes of Gucci as their patterns are one of the finest in the world. It depends a lot upon you on how you stylize yourself with the art deco clothes. Art deco fashion in 2012 has also inspired a lot of youths. The bright color combination and neat geometric patterns looks very attractive and art deco fashion resembles pride and glamour in your lifestyle. Art deco design influenced clothes is a good way to embrace the new style of fashion in 2012, so flaunt with it today.

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