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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Design Brooches

Art deco design jewelry was considered to be contemporary jewelry designed for women that was greatly inspired by the Art Deco movement during the 1920s up to the 1930s. Even up to the present time, art deco jewelries are still used to complement and add glamour and elegance to whatever fashion statement. The Art Deco movement during the 1920s that started in Paris was able to inspire a lot of famous jewelry designers. Art deco design jewelries are considered to be an eclectic design style that took influence from many different cultures and sources. Art deco design jewelries usually have bold lines and geometric design shapes.

Art Deco Design Brooches

Vintage Diamond Art Deco Brooch

Decades before the Art Deco movement, belts and corsages were very famous and widely used by women as accessories. However, during the “flapper period” (after World War I and the discovery of art deco design), belts and corsages were replaced by brooches and dress double clip brooches. Aside from brooches, women during the “flapper period” were also into wearing small hat ornaments and a bandeau (the famous cloche hat).

Different Ways in Wearing an Art Deco Design Brooch

There are a lot of different ways on how to wear or use a brooch to complement any dress or clothes.  Since art deco design brooches have bold, daring, elegant, glamorous, and unique design, wearing an art deco design brooch can really add some sparkle to whatever look you are going for. Brooches can be worn at the base of a low backed gown, while double clop brooches can be worn on your dress’s strap or can be clipped to one side of your sweetheart necklace. Art deco design brooches can even be worn as a hair accessory, attached on a belt, placed on scarves, and even clipped on to any of your jackets.

Influences of Art Deco Design Brooches

As mentioned earlier, art deco design took inspiration from different cultures and sources. For art deco design brooches, its common motifs are African and Egyptian. Art deco design brooches usually take form of scarabs, starkly geometric shapes, stylized flower designs, and nude figural shapes.

Common Materials Used for Art Deco Design Brooches

Sterling Silver Art Deco Brooch

Material used in mass producing art deco design brooches were chrome, silver, gold, platinum, glass, rhinestones, precious and semi-precious stones, Bakelite, pearl, corals and many more. However, there are art deco design brooches that are very expensive, due to the materials used, and some art deco design brooches are even studded with diamonds.