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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Design Engagement Rings

Influence Of Art Deco Design On Jewelry

Art deco design has influenced different forms of art around the globe. From buildings to engagement rings, you could find its strong influence. Art deco design embedded engagement rings are gaining lot of popularity nowadays. On the auspicious occasion of engagement, the perfect gift for the bride is none other than a charming diamond and platinum art deco design ring. There are several varieties and designs to choose from but why art deco engagement rings? Well, art deco movement started in the 1960’s, when women stood for their right to equality with men. Hence, art deco rings, are a symbol of women’s power. Also, in the 1920’s there was a total changeover of design pattern of engagement rings into striking and attractive art deco design.

How To Identify Art Deco Design Engagement Rings?

Art deco design is influenced by the various kinds of geometric shapes. The art deco pattern also furnishes straight vertical lines. These are the two basic details to know about art deco design. Well, to identify art deco design engagement ring, you would see similar characteristics as I mentioned in the first line. The engagement ring would have stones cut into different kind of geometric shapes like triangle, square, rectangle and so on. Another feature that makes art deco design rings unique is the use of striking bold colors. Both features can be seen in one particular ring or in different ones.

Art Deco Design Platinum Engagement Ring

What Gemstones Are Embedded On Art Deco Design Engagement Ring?

You would not find much of art deco design engagement ring with diamonds gemstones embedded on it. It is because of the fact that art deco design is based on usage of bold colors and contrast. The jeweler designing the engagement ring in the form or art deco design would consider the use of topaz, emerald, sapphire or rubies gemstone. They are the preferred gemstones for crafting the art deco design. Also, the cuts are generally princess, emerald and baguette.

Why Art Deco Design Engagement Rings?

With so many different varieties in engagement rings, why to choose art deco design rings

Another [attern Of Art Deco Design Engagement Rings

over others for your bride? Well art deco design engagement rings have some unique characteristics, which are:

  • Creativity and uniqueness– For brides who have a different attitude from the crowd and are innovative, creative and genuine would definitely fall for art deco design engagement rings.
  • Attractiveness – For brides who are bold and loves to be noticed would.
  • Assorted appeal – Apart from the bold colors and creativity, art deco design engagement rings also gives a unique eclectic appeal for the bride.

The art deco design engagement rings are a treasure. The engagement rings made in the 1920’s are difficult to get and are highly priced. However, you can get art deco design engagement rings nowadays in famous jewelry stores. The art deco design jewelry and engagement ring made today have more sharp and good cuts on the gemstones. The style and the pattern are available in abundance, the only thing you need to do for your bride is to choose the awesome art deco design engagement ring that suits her personality.