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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Design Goes With Cultures | Sharing Its Special Approach

Using Art Deco Symbols For Distinct Style

Art Deco Design is completely connected to Deco symbols. Using these symbols, a home decor gets a different look. Most of this design is symmetrical and sleek. To make decor glamorous, it requires bold colors like ruby, turquoise, purple and yellow. Lacquerer wood, bright metals and glass help achieving a modern aesthetic look. All the symbols are different and when these different symbols are used in home decor, it automatically develops a distinct approach and thus, a unique craftwork comes into existence.

Art Deco Design Symbol Showy & Bright

It design is considered to be an extravagant and showy. When First World War has finished, this design has emerged. It resembles prosperity and culture of that age. All the products that come under art deco design are quite glamorous and stylish. To see the actual glimpse of this style, one should consider jazz sounds, candid architecture and art and the brash which are live examples of art deco design. In the time of 20s, almost everything was under its influence. In addition to distinctive approach, this is called as highly extravagant and ostentatious design.

Various Images In Art Deco Symbol

Art Deco Design Symbols

Usage of different art deco style images give a lavish look and develop a unique architecture. In US and Europe, there is several building showing off art deco style in their architecture. To get idea of the best art deco work, you can consider Chrysler Building, New York which is known as the tallest building of the world and it is decorated with several art deco symbol and images. These images include hubcaps, cars images and ornaments of eagle hood. Some architects use different styles of flowers, birds, sunbursts etc to make an art deco design.

Glamorous Factors About Art Deco Design

As earlier discussed that art deco design is called as extravagant style that is basically used in glamorous industries. Mainly, world war influence has caused this glamorous approach in this style. The positive results of post world war for America and Europe have formed this new way of decoration with glamour. At that time, this style was spread over fabric, fashion, architecture, jewelry, and furniture, interior and so on. This style involves industrial trend as well as modern materials. Most of the products look clean and sleek have less texture. Velour and leather are mainly used in furniture of art deco style.

Commonly Used Art Deco Design & Symbols

Pharaohs’ stylish drawings, Hieroglyphics and immemorial motifs of Egypt are mainly collaborated with deco design. However, we do not mean to say that only Egypt has contributed in art deco design emergence. Besides Egypt, Rome and Greece have also similarly shared their hands in the development of art deco symbols and design. The fragrance of Mayan and Aztec culture has also included in this style. Not only historical approach, modern touch can also be seen in this style. In industries like automobiles, gear machines, furniture etc is modern examples of art deco design.