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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Design Ideas

For Matchless Decor Design Try Art Deco Design Ideas!

Since 1920, Art deco design was internationally famous and it has influenced several architectural, fashion, interior, industrial, painting, artistic, graphic etc. disciplines at a great extent. In early 20s, this art deco design has covered up various artistic styles like constructivism, modernism, neoclassical, cubism, art nouveau, and futurism and so on. Thus, the popularity of Art deco style has not spared anyone in Europe and with time, it has spread up in US as well. This style  completely presents elegance, modernization and decorative approach. That is a reason, art deco design is still vibrating modern world with its unique and stylish approach.

Elements On Which Art Deco Design Is Based

In Art deco design interior, form is highly requisite. Different showcases manufactured by chrome, silver or dime are crafted with exclusive styles of peacocks, roses, deer with motifs and gives geometric appearance. One can use gem or tinted beads for covering as it is a part of Bronze form of art. Using composed table sets with bottom pads will offer elegant layout. Pennie, silver or chrome shaped candlesticks or door manages can give classy look with chevron or woodsy designs. White or black pebble or Frosted glass can be used for flower cases. In Art Deco design elements, inlay is quite common and gives great grace.

Art Deco Design Ideas For Bedroom

Generally, it has seen that people forget wall spaces to decorate while their home décor. But, it should not be overlooked as it enhances over décor of a house. For choosing the best decorating wall direction, certainly you can get confused as if your interior is designed with a background. In that case, you must choose an appropriate option by which you can bring all your room elements together. Therefore, for that purpose, using paintings or art deco vintage mirror can wonderfully work. With this, you can bring elegance and simplicity to your bedroom just by dressing up your walls with a single mirror.

Art Deco Style Furnitures

Art Deco Furnishing Styles

Basically, these are inside designs which are modern as well as comfortable. In these furnishing, all those furniture with flat chrome foundation can be considered as it offers amazing impact on overall furnishing. In Africa and America, people use lacquered wood instruments and several people use lacquered panels as decorative area screens. The wood frames that are extremely lacquered pad in natural while and glossy leather. In addition to it, in Art Deco furnishing styles, people use exotic rosewood of Brazil, walnut bird-eye, ebony, veneer light walnut etc. The furnishing covers generally involve velour that gives real comfort like stark and sensuous feel.

How Lighting Works In Interiors of Art Deco Design

Mainly the lighting used in Art deco design is consisted of floor lamps, ceiling lights, wall sconces etc. All the lighting styles are mostly streamlined with similar design. Wine and brown glasses can be used extensively with bouquets or mathematical form in the designs. Lights are used combining with stainless or metal torchieres along with goblet side blown shades. In this way, the lighting creates remarkable impact on home décor interior and it is a specialty of Art deco design indeed.