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Art Deco Design in Asia

Ever since the 1920s, the time when art deco design was discovered, until the present time, all countries and places all over the world’s different areas in art have been greatly influenced by art deco design. Even though art deco design tried lapses of its popularity after the mid 1930s or after the World War II, during the 1960s, art deco design became popular again all over the world. In fact, art deco design has been able to influence all areas of art up to the present time, including interior design, architecture, visual arts, furniture, jewelries, cinematography, and many more.

Art Deco Design Influence in Asia

Asia as the largest continent in the world has a lot of surviving examples of architectures and interior designs influenced by art deco design. In fact, one city found in a country in Asia has the 2nd largest number of art deco design architectures, next to Miami Florida. Asia is not just a continent rich in art deco design architectures, Asia has also a lot more to offer, including their different cultures, historical events, practices, and many more.

Surviving Example of Art Deco Design Architectures in Asia

New India Assurance Building, Mumbai, India

As mentioned earlier, one of Asia’s city in a certain country has the 2nd largest number of art deco design architectures. Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra state in India, owns the 2nd spot for the most art deco design architectures, next to Miami. One of the most famous art deco design architectures found in Mumbai, India is the “New India Assurance Building”. This art deco design building is an office building made with reinforced concrete and was designed by Master, Sarhe and Bhuta, with artistic designer N.G. Parsare in 1936.

Art Deco Design in the Philippines

Far Eastern University, Manila, Philippines

The Philippines is an archipelago consisting of 7,107 islands. Art deco design architectures in the said country are mostly found in Manila City (Capital City of the Philippines), Iloilo City, and Sariaya. The famous examples of art deco design architectures in Manila City are the Far Eastern University and the Manila Metropolitan Theater.

Art Deco Design in Indonesia

Savoy Homann Hotel in Bandung, Indonesia

In the large cities of Java Indonesia, Dutch East Indies era buildings are found. Bandung, the capital of the West Java province in Indonesia has one of the largest remaining collections of art deco design buildings way back during the 1920s in the world. Art deco design buildings in Bandung, Indonesia were designed and made by famous Dutch architects and planners, namely Alber Aalbers designing the DENIS Bank in 1936 and renovated the Savoy Homann Hotel in 1939. Another famous surviving example of art deco design building in Bandung, Indonesia is the Sociëteit Concordia, now known as the Merdeka Building, which was designed by Van Galen Last and C.P. Wolff Schoemaker.


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