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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Design in United States of America

Art Deco Design or Art Deco is a type of eclectic design style that started during the 1920s and was internationally known during the mid 1930s up to the World War II era. Art deco design has been able to cover and influence almost all areas of design, from huge building, interior design, industrial design, painting, graphic arts, to small accessories and jewelries. Just like any popularity of any fashion styles and designs, art deco design once lapsed in popularity years after the Word War II. However, during the 1960s, art deco design regained its popularity all over the world, and now, its popularity is continuing to increase.

Popularity of Art Deco Design

Almost all people who are familiar with art deco design surely love the sense of style and how it incorporates different decorative influences into one masterpiece. From architects, fashion designers, potters, painters, interior designers, and other artists of the visual arts are truly drawn to utilizing art deco design. Whichever continent, country, or city you will visit, you can always see different structures, furniture, paintings, building, houses, etc. that are inspired by art deco design. You can really see how popular art deco design got during the present time from the time it art deco design has started during the 1920s.

Surviving Examples of Art Deco Design in the United States of America

United States of America has a lot of excellent surviving examples of art deco design. Different architectures with art deco design from different States, cities, and even neighborhoods are found in the United States.

Art Deco Design Architectures in Detroit

Fisher Building in Detroit

Famous Art Deco Design architectures in Detroit are now National Historic Landmarks, namely:

  • Fisher Building
  • Guardian Building

Art Deco Design Architectures in Los Angeles, California

Famous art deco design architectures found in Los Angeles are found along Wilshire Boulevard. Wilshire Boulevard experienced a period of intense construction of structures during the 1920s, which was when art deco design started. Architectures with art deco design that are famous include:

  • Bullocks Wilshire Building
  • Pellissier Building
  • Wiltem Theatre

Art Deco Design Architectures in Miami Beach, Florida

Miami Beach Architectural District in Miami Beach, Florida

Approximately 30 blocks of hotels and apartment houses were constructed with art deco designs during the 1920s up to the 1940s. The 30 blocks of hotels and apartment houses is known as the Miami Beach Architectural District, which is already part of the National Register of Historic Places list. In fact, almost all structures on the said district have been restored, but original colors are maintained to maintain its art deco design.