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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Design Necklace

Art deco design has started during the 1920s up to the 1930s where all areas of design were inspired, including jewelries. However, during the 1920s, the term art deco design or art deco was not used. The term art deco during those times was referred to a wide divergence of different style influences from all over the world. The term art deco was in fact derived from an exhibition during 1925 in Paris, the International Exposition des Arts Decoratifs, an exhibition which displayed contemporary artwork from all over the world. The International Exposition des Arts Decoratifs was a great success where there were a large number of famous and successful artists who took part in the exhibition and there were a lot of artistic developments made.

Art Deco Design Jewelry

During the time when art deco design roared and became very famous, it was also the time for advancement in all aspects of life, which was evident in most areas of design, including architecture, fashion, jewelry, technology, etc. 1920s were considered to be the “flapper” period, wherein design styles of dresses were low-waisted, bare neck lines, bare arms, and necklaces played a very big role in complementing their “flapper dress”.

Art Deco Design Necklace

Art Deco Necklace: Ropes of Pearls with Diamonds

The dramatic change in necklaces right after World War I was a transition from shorter necklace designs to longer necklace designs with long pendants. Aside from longer necklaces and bolder pendants, art deco design necklaces during the 1920s can also involve dramatic ropes of pearls, which are usually worn to complement the flapper fashion. Ropes of pearls were incredibly expensive and valuable during the 1920s. That is why, there were businessmen who made cheaper alternatives in making cultured pearls. Cultured pearls were made to be affordable by women who do not earn so well.

Art Deco Design Necklaces for Elegance

Even now, during the present time, ropes of pearls have never lost its elegance and glamour. Aside from ropes of pearls, long draping necklaces with bold pendants are still very famous these days. Ropes of pearls and long draping necklaces were longtime favorites of famous elegant fashion icons, such as Coco Chanel, which used ropes of pearls. No matter what type or design of art deco design necklaces you are going to choose, every woman should have an elegant rope of pearls, art deco design diamond pendant, and/or long draping necklaces to complement their fashion sense and make them look elegant and glamorous wherever they go.