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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Design Pillows

Art deco design started after the World War I (during the 1920s). Art deco design was characterized with simple, contemporary, elegant, luxurious, definite, and bold line designs. Art deco design is considered to be an eclectic type of design style that incorporated several design influences in one piece. Art deco design has been able to influence all areas of design, such as interior design, jewelries, architecture, fashion, visual arts, and even furniture. Art deco design has also been widely used in making pillows, which when added to any room can surely add detail and make the room have an “art deco feel”.

Art Deco Design Pillow: Colors

Art Deco Pillow

Choosing the right color for your art deco design pillow is very important. Art deco is always associated with bold colors. You can use bold colors, such as orange, steel blue, brown, black with white, and rust for your art deco design pillow. However, you should take into consideration the present color of your room and the other furniture present in the room. If you use colors that do not blend perfectly with other furniture in your room, you will just make your room look bad.

Art Deco Design Pillow: Fabrics

Velvet is one of the most common fabrics used in any art deco design pillows. However, there are still a lot of different kinds of fabric that can be used for your art deco design pillows. The reason why velvet is commonly used in art deco design pillow is that it can blend easily with the present sleek and industrial furniture and design of any room. Velvet is a soft fabric that will be very comfortable when used on pillows. Silk is another type of fabric that can be used on art deco design pillows that can surely add elegance to any art deco bedroom. Silk is an expensive type of fabric.

 Art Deco Design Pillows: Different Uses

Art deco design pillows are not only made for decorations. It can actually be used as throw pillows for your couch, or you can use it for sleeping. What makes art deco design pillow useful is that, it will not just make the user comfortable, it also serves as a decoration that will make any room look elegant, glamorous, and modern. Art deco design pillows are also useful in adding texture and color to any room, may it be an office, bedroom, living room, etc.