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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Design Rubber Stamps

Art deco design started since the 1920s and became famous all over the world during the late 1930s. Up to the present time, art deco design has still been able to influence all areas of design, such as architecture, interior designing, visual arts, furniture, fashion, decorative arts, and many more. In fact, art deco design has also been used in making rubber stamps. Art deco design inspired rubber stamps are characterized by sleek, distinct geometric and angular lines in combination of bold colored elements.

What is a Rubber Stamp?

Unmounted Beach Art Deco Design Rubber Stamp

Rubber stamp or stamping is a type of craft that is made of an image or pattern engraved or molded into a sheet of rubber. Most of the time, rubber stamps are attached by an adhesive, into a stable object (wood, brick, acrylic block). A type of ink or dye is then pressed into the rubber pattern or image to be transferred into a medium (paper, fabric, wood, etc.) Rubber stamps are usually used in marking paper documents in offices, school, and many other organizations. Some rubber stamps are also made for decorative purposes, which are known as “art stamps”.

Art Deco Design Rubber Stamps: Beads

Art deco design inspired beads can be used with rubber stamps. Beads should be made from wood with a smooth texture or jewelry piece with metal-finish can also be used. Beads and jewelry pieces with art deco design can really bring back the sophistication of the Art Deco Movement during the 1920s.

Art Deco Design Rubber Stamps: Scarves

Pressing rubber stamps with art deco design or marking on scarves recapture the glamorous, sophisticated, and jazz-inspired era during the 1920s to 1930s. Usually, art deco design rubber stamps pressed into the scarf’s fringed ends are suggestive of the flapper dress. And if rubber stamps are made with geometric patterns, it is usually stamped along the scarf’s end, to complement the scarf’s design and pattern.

Make Your Own Art Deco Design Rubber Stamps

Making your own art deco design rubber stamp does not require any special talent or skill. Anyone can even turn making an art deco design rubber stamps or designing any rubber stamps as their hobby. All you need is to have the right materials to make your own art deco design rubber stamp. You can even use a simple rubber eraser and some carving tools in making your own rubber stamp. Making a customized art deco design rubber stamp can be useful for your won stationary and other arts and crafts project.