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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Design | The Eye-Catchy Art Form From The 1920’S

Influence Of Art Deco Design On Both Art And Science

Started in the 1920’s art deco design is still possess a great influence in the interior, clothing and building designs of the 21st century. Titanic, the most spectacular example of the industrial revolution had art deco design influence. Many great artists such as Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire are the legendary example of their synonomous with art deco movement. The Empire State Building is also a ideal example of art deco design in revolutionizing the building design. Art deco is all about the implementation of different shapes and lines in designing absolutely anything. Most artists consider it the work of the masters and a symbol of the common agenda of artists to give world something different and something unique.

What Does Art Deco Design Symbolize?

Art deco design symbolizes the richness, uniqueness and modernization of the art & design industry. It had faded the European designs and took over the world’s attention within a very short span of time. Art deco design signifies luxury and glamour of the machine age. The different shapes and patterns are the eye-catchers of this art form and is a self-obsessed, icon of the art and style industry.

Influence Of Art Deco Design On Clothes

Coco Chanel, one of the most famous dress designers in the 1920’s was greatly influenced by the magnificent and astonishing look of the art deco design. She started to design dress pattern in art deco design and style, that were easy to wear and comfortable. This was greatly influenced by the “Flapper”. Flapper used to be a young woman in the 1920’s period, which exhibited social concords and danced at the famous jazz clubs of that time. This is how the impact of art deco design become visible and it’s still continuing.

Influence Of Art Deco Design On Electronics

Art deco revolution was started in the 1920’s when industrial revolution was at its peak. Advancement of technology and shift from manual to automatic electronic world was quite noticeable at this period. Art deco movement was not against anything, instead was a totally new idea to perceive art in the new way. Radios were the most famous entertaining gadget of the people in the 1920’s. Many radio had significance of the art deco design on them. They started to come in many new geometrical forms. This made a great impact on the designing of the electronic equipment and in the 21st century, its till having its significance.

Use Of Vertical Lines In Rockefeller Centre

Influence Of Art Deco Design On Buildings

The use of Art deco design on some of the world’s famous building is noteworthy. The use of vertical lines was quite astonishing. The most famous example for the vertical line art deco design is the Rockefeller Centre’s located at New York City built in the year 1940. Many movie theaters were also art deco designed in the 1940’s; example was the S. Charles Lee motion picture theatre in Los Angeles. Alongside, Miami Beach, you could still find plenty of art deco design based hotels and residential buildings. Art deco design almost had influence on everything and will carry on its magic forever.

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