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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Design | The Most Versatile Art Form

Art Deco Design – The Vivid Beauty Of The Art

Art deco design has been known to be the one of the magnificent art form of the 1920s. With the passage of time, art deco culture is still alive and its impact can be seen in historical building, skyscraper, theaters and even gardens. From cigarette advertisements to the manufacturing of the most expensive gems tone an engagement ring, art deco design has shown its significance. From train to airplanes, art deco design has been of vital importance in designing the various models. Its eclectic nature and simplicity has made it one of the most versatile designs ever known to the artists around the globe.

Art Deco Design Gardens

You can still a lot of art deco in the various garden designs. When you are into professional gardening, it becomes very important on how you design the garden. Art deco design features usage of vertical lines and geometrical shapes, which offers a flexible way to design gardens. Many gardeners especially in the Miami, FL have used the art deco design to design their gardens. They have formulated different geometrical shapes like rectangles, octagon and square to grow their flowers. This looks amazingly beautiful and the vertical straight lines are used to separate the different shapes from one another.

Art Deco Influence On The Home & Buildings

Apart from garden designing, art deco design has been known for their perfect use in designing the beautiful homes. The art deco is used extensively in designing building across the globe. You can see many splendid building in parts of Asia which are exclusively based on art deco design. The windows and architectural setting of the home is purely based on the art deco theme. Art deco design also gives enough ideas on how you can make use of a limited space to build an apartment, which is much needed in today’s time due to scarcity of land.

Art Deco In 2012

Art Deco Design Mirror Work

From the 1920’s art deco has been following a continuing trend. In 2012, you can still see the innovative art deco design in the fashion industry, homes and commercial building. Art deco movements brought out the unified version of the art which is a creative idea from the best artists around the globe. Whether its paintings or architecture, art deco design is very eye catching and you cannot resist yourself from taking a second look. The influence of the machine age and industrialization has also made it one of the most modern art designs.

What’s Makes Art Deco Design Unique?

Use of glass materials and metal work is exclusively been brought into notice by the art deco movement. A lot of furniture is made in the art deco style and its demand is very high. The finished metal work and usage of different geometrical pattern makes art deco the choice of the rich. Art deco has always been associated with glamour and richness of the art. Art deco journey from Paris to US and then to the rest of the world has made it a world renowned art form. Napier, New Zealand is also a note worth art deco influenced city. Art deco design has created a special place in the art industry around the globe which cannot be challenged by any other art form.