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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Design Wallpaper

Art Deco

Art deco design is the famous name of the movement of design which flourished from 1920 to 1930. Art deco designs transformed industrial designs, architecture, fashion, jewelry, clothing and interior designing. The art deco designs movement was originated from Europe and spread all around the globe. The style of art deco includes human forms of heroes, geometric patterns and streamlined shapes. Art deco designs encourage human belief in futurism, progress and human improvement. In 1925, an exhibition of Paris (France) played a vital role in promoting art deco designs. Through exhibition of Paris, many people in the world came to know about art deco designs.

Art Deco Wallpaper

Art deco wallpaper is the most important part of art deco design interior. Art deco wallpapers were introduced in all over the world in the year 1920. A lot of effort of William Morris is involved in the popularity of art deco designs who led a movement called Arts and Crafts movement. In 1920’s art deco designs wallpaper was a cheap, mass produced substitute to costly silk and wall coverings of tapestry. At that time, majority of people could buy art deco designs wallpapers due to their affordability. In 1920’s, around 500 million rolls of art deco designs wallpapers were bought. It was known as golden age of the wallpaper.

Art Deco Wallpaper Today

Art Deco Design Wallpaper

Now-a-days, art deco designs wallpapers are not as famous as they were in 1920’s. But art deco wallpaper is still a nice way to inject some character into the room. You can use your art deco designs wallpaper for your one wall or you may use it for your whole room even if it is big. art deco wallpaper is enduring and is able to add warmth and sophistication to your room. In order to be very authentic, it could be possible to get an art deco wallpaper to cover your small rooms. But if you have to cover large rooms, you need to opt for modern reproduction. There are a lot of art deco wallpapers making companies that offer you wide variety of wallpapers to choose from.

Characteristics Of Art Deco Wallpaper

In order to have an art deco look of your room or house, you need to know what the characteristics of art deco designs wall papers are. art deco wallpaper is elegant and very vibrant along with very sharp and bold colors. It also has got strong lines, geometric patterns, zigzags, sweeping curves, sunbursts, pyramids, airplanes, foliage and sphinx. In art deco designs wallpapers textured coverings are famous and are made by using flocking, splattering, sponging and stenciling. The luxurious and extravagant art deco wallpapers are in gold and silver metallic patterns. You can get your desired art deco wallpapers by choosing from the modern art deco wallpapers range offered by different brands.

Finding The Art Deco Wallpaper

Despite of the fact that finding the original and real art deco wallpaper and the one which is in a very good condition is very difficult. We can still keep the art deco designs alive by manufacturing wallpapers totally based on art deco designs, patterns and concepts by making use of modern technology. The beauty and uniqueness of art deco design and styles are very famous until now. The different artistic quality of art deco designs wallpapers gives your house a very unique look that no other house of your area have got. Art deco designs wallpapers keep the art deco period in your hearts and minds.