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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Design Wedding Cakes

Art Deco

The Art deco design is a design style introduced by France (Paris) in the year 1920. It started spreading and flourishing throughout the world in 1930. The art deco designs greatly influenced the lifestyle of people, like they influenced style of jewelry, architecture, fashion and food. The term of art deco came into being in the year 1966, after the exhibition of art deco designs in France (Paris). Art deco designs have got functionality, elegance, modernity and glamor. Unlike other design movements which had philosophical beginnings or intentions, the art deco was decorative. In early 1940, the art deco became unpopular among people but in 1960 after the publication of the book by Bevis Hillier the art deco regained its popularity. Art deco wedding cake is the cake made according to art deco designs and has been popular since 1930.

Impact Of Art Deco Design On Wedding Cakes


Art Deco Design Wedding Cake

The art deco not only influenced architecture, fashion, food and jewelry but also affected designs of wedding cakes. As art deco became popular among people, bakers started using brighter, sharper and bolder colors of icing and distinct decorations. Most of the wedding cakes made by bakers used to reflect architectural structures of art deco like Chrysler building and Golden Gate Bridge. Art Deco Wedding cake is made by using bold colors like golden, black and white and by focusing on geometric lines. Most of the art deco wedding cakes are made by using butter cream and fondant. Butter cream is used in making them because softness and flexibility of icing of butter cream allows the bakers to decorate the cake according to designs of art deco wedding cake. In art deco wedding cake there are mostly waves and swirls outside the cake. Fondant is used at the end which is harder and flexible icing and that is stretched around the cake in order to give it polished and smoother surface.

Art Deco Design Cakes

Art deco period is characterized by stark lines, size, opulence, forms and the shapes of period. You can make your wedding even more beautiful by adopting art deco wedding themes. Mostly fondant is used in making the art deco wedding cakes. The brides always love the art deco wedding cakes because women always want something very special over their wedding to make it more joyful. The designs of art deco cakes have been used since around 1930. All the professional bakers know well how to make art deco wedding cake and are familiar with the technicality involves in its making. You should know where to go for having your perfect art deco cake.

Be Particular

If you really want to make your wedding day a very special day by having art deco cake on it then you have to know what art deco is and what the concept behind it is. Always go for professional bakers and those who are familiar with art deco designs and wedding themes. Don’t waste your money on unprofessional and unskilled bakers that claim to give you highest quality art deco cake. The art deco cake is usually made up of butter cream and fondant, always insist your baker on using high quality fondant and the butter cream. You will have a beautiful and opulent cake on your wedding day; all you have to do is to be particular.