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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Design Wedding Jewelry

Art Deco – Bright Colors And By Geometric Shapes

Art deco design was a famous and internationally known design movement that started in 1920. This design movement influenced several design and art disciplines such as film, architecture, fashion, painting, graphics and interior designing. The movement covered a lot of other movements and artistic styles in 20th century like Art Nouveau, Constructivism, Futurism, Neoclassical, Cubism, Modernism and Bauhaus. Art deco is basically based on the geometric shapes. Many people think that art deco is a type of stylish and elegant modernism. Now-a-days items of art deco designs are popular among interior designers and collectors. The art deco designs are known by intense and bright colors and by geometric shapes.

Art Deco Design Wedding Jewelry

After the great art deco movement jewelers dealing in wedding jewelry started to make wedding jewelry in bright and colorful shades.  Jewelers made art deco wedding jewelry by using different patterns, straight lines and geometric shapes and by cutting stones. art deco wedding engagement rings are very popular art deco jewelry. In order to find out the originality of the art deco ring you have, you need to carefully examine the material used in ring and arrangement of stones. While making art deco ring, the jewelers emphasize on cut of stone which has got geometric pattern on the platinum band.

How To Identify Art Deco Design Wedding Jewelry

Art Deco Design Wedding Jewelry Pieces

Art deco wedding jewelry normally has bold, intense and bright color schemes. Sometimes art deco wedding jewelry is made by combining bold and bright colors. Cubism is a great influence of art deco wedding jewelry. Most used stone cuts in art deco wedding jewelry are: Square cut, Shield cut, Emerald cut and Baguette cut. Besides diamond there are other stones used to make art deco jewelry. Various gems could be used with diamonds or single gem could be used in making art deco jewelry. Onyx, jade, opal and mother of pearl are also used while making art deco jewelry.

Be Careful

If you are going to be a bride and eager to make the day of your wedding the most beautiful and special day of your life then you should not only go for art deco jewelry but also for art deco wedding cake, invitation cards, themes and so on.  Before going for art deco wedding jewelry you must have a complete know how about art deco jewelry and the concept behind it. Make sure you always opt for professional jewelers and the ones who know everything about art deco design wedding jewelry and its themes. It is not wise to waste the money on unskillful and unprofessional jewelers who claim to provide you premium quality art deco design wedding jewelry.

Understanding Art Deco Design

Art deco design is identified by geometric lines, straight lines and bold and bright colors. You could make exciting day of the wedding even more exciting by having the art deco wedding design jewelry. Normally diamond is used for making art deco jewelry. Every bride wants to have art deco design wedding jewelry due to the fact that women always look for something different, special and unique on their wedding in order to make it more attractive. Style of art deco design wedding jewelry has been used for sixty years. All skillful and the professional jewelers know very well the making of art deco design jewelry and well aware of the technicality in making it.