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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring

The concept of engagement rings started several centuries ago. It was during the year 1477 when the Archduke of Hamburg, Maximilian, gave a ring to his future wife as a representation for their future marriage. Since then, engagement rings were given to women by men to propose for marriage. Before 1477, newly married couples seal their contracts with a simple band. Art deco engagement rings are considered to be vintage engagement rings (50 years old or older engagement rings), since they were highly famous and mostly made during the art deco movement (1920s to 1930s).

Art Deco Engagement Rings

Antique Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring

Art deco engagement rings started during the 1920s. That period when the art deco movement started was called as the “roaring twenties”. Art deco is considered to be a type of eclectic art, wherein its design gets influences from several design style from all over the world. In engagement rings with art deco design, geometric patterns, symmetry, and Egyptian motifs were its common influences. Materials usually used in making art deco engagement rings were white gold and platinum, and are studded with several precious stones and gems, such as diamonds.

Art Deco Diamond Engagement Rings

Art deco diamond engagement rings were people’s favorite. Even though the actual art deco movement ended during the 1930s, art deco diamond engagement rings are still very famous and well-loved by many people from all over the world. Old mine cut and European cut of diamonds were the famous cuts in diamonds used in making art deco diamond engagement rings. Due to several technological advancements, jewelers are now able to try cutting diamonds in more detailed cuts without damaging the stone. Art deco engagement rings were usually contrasted with other stones to add detail and design, such as sapphire, ruby, black onyx, emerald, turquoise, coral onyx, and many more.

How to Take Care of Your Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring

Since diamonds are very precious, so as other stones, proper maintenance and storage should be done. Diamond engagement rings and all other diamond jewelries should be store in a separate jewelry box or container from other jewelries. If you mix diamond jewelries with other types of jewelries, it can cause scratches to the diamond’s surface and causing it to affect its sparkle. Diamonds should be stored in a soft and secure storage box. Diamond engagement rings can also be carefully cleaned by washing it with warm water and gentle soap, and thoroughly dried with a soft cotton cloth.