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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Drop Earrings or Dangle Earrings

Dangle earrings are very much in fashion these days. They look very attractive give a new definition to a person’s face. Floating from the bottom of the earlobes the earrings dangle to the length of a neckline. However, length varies—half a centimeter to four inches, right up to the shoulders. They even come in a length longer than that. French hook designs are latest to attach the earrings to the ear, in which the earrings hangs without the back support of a closure or pin.

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Dangle Earrings

Around 1800s, women hardly wore earrings. They adopted a new hairstyle trend that almost covered the ears. But, again in 1860s style changed and dangle earrings came back in to fashion in force. They were earlier mentioned in Ancient Egyptian history as well as Greek and Roman history. They actually surged in 1930s (art deco period), when clip-ones were introduced.

Metals Used in Dangle Earrings

Dangle earrings appeared in the market in wide range of metals. As per your budget, you can choose anything that suites your style as well as pocket. If you are ready to spend a good amount, dangle earrings in platinum and gold is an ideal choice. They offer both, beauty as well as class that nothing else can match up to.
Next in the line are silver and 14k gold earrings. They are less expensive than 22k gold and platinum and last quite longer than common metallic ones.

If variety is what you consider as a true treasure that can help you make a new style statement every time, then nothing is better than opting for what they are popularly termed as “Junk jewelry”. You can buy several pairs or mix and match to discover a new you every time. The only drawback of these junk fashion jewelry is that they are basically use and through pieces and last hardly a year to two.

Types of Dangle Earrings

There exist a huge variety to make you go crazy for a different new pattern, but you need to keep in mind that it should look good on your face before making a purchase. Some of their types are:

Emerald Dangle Earring

Peridot earrings – these earrings peridots flat surface that shine when you move and they look extremely attractive to teenage girls. Longs strands of peridots look beautiful as dangle earrings.

Garnet earrings – They are believed to be lucky to people born in January, however, they make great dangle earrings that suites to every style and personality.

Diamond earrings – Diamonds are expensive and dangle earrings cost even more as they use a lot of big and small diamond pieces. Diamonds always add a class to your personality at whatever occasion you wear them.

Bead earrings – There affordability and variety has made them a rage among the youngsters. They come in all colors and shapes. A dangle bead earring matches with every outfit.

Chandelier earrings – These were most popular in the art deco period and probably look most stunning as dangle earrings. In the year 1994 they again made a huge splash in Academy Award Function.

There variety is definitely huge but you need to behave like a smart buyer and do not impulse buy because you are they are fashion.