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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Fashion: Progressive Modernity Theme

Art deco design or art deco started during the 1920s. Art deco is a type of movement that emerged during the 1920s and ended until the start of World War II (1939). Between the 1920s and 1939, it is the period of time that is referred to as the time of peace and serenity between World War I and World War II. Art deco movement is marked by women’s liberation movement, improvements in the economy, and technology. The period during the start of art deco is characterized by a life of progress, contemporary, leisure, and glamour. And those characteristics of art deco are the key classic themes of art deco fashion.

Progressive Modernity Art Deco Fashion Theme

Women made significant progress during the early 20th century. More rights to women are granted during the 1920s-1930s in many countries all over the world. In fact, during the 1920s, some women in certain countries are already allowed to work and earn money. Women during those times felt a new sense of freedom and liberation, which created a drastic shift on how they live their lives. Women attitudes were slowly changed, and in fact, during those years, women are starting to rebel against traditional practices.

Change in Fashion during the Art Deco Movement (1920s to 1939)

Instead of wearing clothes that can barely show some skin, women during the art deco movement period started to wear shorter skirts and clothes that reveal more skin. Women also started to wear their hair down. Women also started to wear heavy makeup in public and go dancing in clubs. Women during those times were referred as flappers (young bird flapping its wings to learn how to fly). Women were considered as flappers, since they are learning on new ways and starting to oppress society’s tradition of being a woman.

Art Deco Flapper Fashion Characteristics

Modern Art Deco Flapper Fashion

There are a lot of characteristics of art deco flapper fashion. Some of these main characteristics of Art Deco Flapper Fashion include:

  • According to Mendes: “Bustless, Hipless, Boyish Shapes”. In short, flapper fashion is characterized by masculine forms of fashion.
  • Dresses with short hemlines, just up to the middle calf or slightly above the knee
  • Tubular Silhouette
  • Domed or Bell Shaped Headwear or Hat
  • Beaded and fringed dresses
  • Rolled down hold-ups (stockings)
  • Dresses with the flapper fashion are designed with distinct geometric and bold details.