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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Fashion: The Silver Screen Goddess

The period (between World War I and World War II) where art deco became very famous was also called the Machine Age. During the so called “Machine Age”, there were a lot of significant technological advancements, which ended in mass production of a variety of technological devices for all people to enjoy. The economy during the “Machine Age” significantly increased due to the industry of technology. As the economy got better and better, art deco fashion also flourished together with the economy.

Art Deco Fashion during the Machine Age

Before the machine age, people do not spend a lot of money for unnecessary things, such as expensive clothes. People spend money for their basic necessities. However, during the improvement of the economy during the Machine Age, a lot of people were already spending a lot of money for luxury items, such as jewelry, cars, and clothes. Art deco fashion was very famous during the Machine Age and was considered to be glamorous and expensive type of fashion design style.

Art Deco Theme: Luxury

Art Deco Fashion: Luxury

Art deco designed clothes and dresses way back were worn by famous celebrities as they walk down the red carpet. Aside from celebrities, art deco fashion was very famous among elites and all other people who can splurge in buying clothes and dresses with art deco design. One of the reasons why art deco fashion was considered to be glamorous, elegant, and is oozing with luxury is because of the rich and famous people. Art deco fashion trends of the 1920s to 1930s were floor-length silk gowns.

Art Deco Fashion Icon: The Silver Screen Goddess

The Silver Screen Goddess as an art deco fashion icon was inspired by the luxurious and elegant fashion sense and style of celebrities. Here are some of the distinct styles and characteristics of the Art Deco Fashion Icon, The Silver Screen Goddess.

  • Floor Length Hemlines
  • Fish Tail Cuts (fitted waist, flowing and scalloped hem that is usually longer at the back portion rather than the front portion of the hem).
  • Dresses with lots of beads and sequins.
  • Fabrics used for this fashion icon: Satin, Chiffon, Silk, or Taffeta
  • Jackets or Coats made of real fur
  • Distinct and Bold Geometric designs
  • Gowns that are fur trimmed
  • Gold Details