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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Fireplaces To Give An Aesthetic Feel To Your Living Room

Art Deco style of interior design and décor was first emerged in Paris and grown from 1920 to 1940 in United States and Europe. The style is famous for its industrial look, jagged building like shapes, bold lines and soft, muted colors. The design movement was not limited to architecture and interior design but adapted to jewelry, clothing, makeup, furniture, artifacts and even fireplaces. Fireplaces of Art Deco era were known for using chevrons, geometric shapes, and zigzag lines in their designs.

How Art Deco Fireplaces Differ From Other Fireplaces?

Art Deco Fireplaces

The Art Deco style has greatly influenced the designs and shape of 1930s fireplaces. You can easily identify an early Art Deco piece by craftsmanship and expensive materials that went into the making of such fireplaces. These fireplaces differ in many terms, for instance, they are completely machine made and motifs that you see on the ceramic surface are highlighted in architectural and geometric forms. The fireside and the opening tend to be little larger than fireplaces of its previous period. If you spend a little time watching it closely you would notice the façade of tall buildings.

Materials Used in The Art Deco Fireplaces

Art Deco designers didn’t want to use the same material that was in use earlier that period. They wanted to show some wealth and luxury in their art work and used the material that could convey their imagination. While designing the fireplaces they were more into the use of material that could give them a freedom to create geometric patterns and straight lines that were more prevalent during the time of this artistic movement. With the use of lacquered wood, marble, ceramic tiles and reflective chrome the simple and understated lines turned out more spectacular. The use of such material gave off a modern feel to Art Deco fireplaces without being overly gaudy.

Create An Art Deco Fireplace with 21st Century Designer’s Idea

Find an original Art Deco fireplace and have it refurbished to use it in your home. These are original pieces and were created mostly in 1930 so the restoration of such pieces could be little expensive, but is worth the cost. Properly done restoration makes the piece really shine. Alternatively, search in the web for a picture of an original piece and ask your designer to create a replica. A lot of manufacturers are ready to create a replica of an original work. These replicas may be little more expensive than a new piece but ultimately they are fulfilling your desire of an Art Deco fireplace.

Stylize An Entire Room

An Art Deco design fits well in a place that matches to the style of Art Deco era. To create the feel of 1920’s artistic age you can hire an artist specialize in art deco designs, although any home interior designing company is willing to cater your needs. The most important feature of Art Deco designs are big, bold geometric patterns and colors. You can use either as accent colors through the room or work with the color of your entire room. Add an Art Deco floral design, cushions, carpets, ceramic vase or design elements to compliment an Art Deco fireplace in your living room.