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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Floral Design

Art deco floral design from the 1920’s were exceptionally beautiful, reflecting the liveliness and decadence of that period of time. The regular features at twenties events and wedding included overflowing arrangements with full, luxurious, cascading bouquets and garlands. The color palettes made use of rich tones and color such as luxurious creams, silver, gold, pastels and beige.

Floral Arrangements Of The Twenties

The most prominent feature of the twenties art was that it used pearl, feathers and diamante accessories for their floral arrangements and wedding flowers. It’s very simple to produce a replica of it to get a similar look by adding some feathers or sparkle to your bouquet. These can line down or be attached within hand-tied bouquet designs. For rooms, you can use martini glasses or art deco vases to create attractive displays to capture the eyes.

Why Calla Lily?

So how do you translate the curvy, stylized appearance of Art deco into floral design? Well choosing flowers that have that similar representation is a start – like the “Calla Lily”, with their fine line and sensuous curves, could just be the perfect depiction of the art deco period.

Cascade Design

Cascade Design

So what design fits with art deco floral arrangement? The Waterfall or Cascade styled art deco floral design is the answer. The Cascade design features a steep flow of flower arrangement in an extended cascade style. Foliage and flowers of subtle textures are layered alternatively that creates depth and a flowing effect. Reflective materials like metallic thread are used to provide the effect of splashing light of a waterfall.

Guideline For The Art Deco Floral Arrangement

To be perfect in designing an art deco floral design, you have to keep in mind every minute detail about how flowers should be placed, what flowers to use, and so on. In order to give you an idea and help you with art deco style floral arrangement, let’s go through expert’s guideline for the art deco floral arrangement:

  • Symmetrical Art Deco Floral Design

    Vertical or horizontal line design usually of any kind of geometric shape – For example, octagon, decagon, and so on.

  • Simple style, do not work hard on detailing, remove all complicated and confusing detail.
  • Eccentric and histrionic
  • Uncommon or unusual plant material as they are used as flowers and part of the complete form not simply as filler.
  • Strong pointed arrangement of flowers
  • Variety of rich colors and as far as possible do not use pastels
  • Use of shallow plates or bowls to float stem-less flowers
  • Few and far between arrangement of vegetable and flowers with plant material
  • Use of foliage materials, a widespread feature of art deco period from the twenties
  • Eccentric combinations of indifferent textures such as gardenias and eggs.
  • The use of silver or gold lining on fruits and vegetables are popular as decoration for dining tables.
  • Geometric, mathematical themes and bold lines.

Keeping above guidelines in mind, you can try your hand to create an art deco floral arrangement for your events at home or at office.

Plan A “Twenties” Styled Wedding

If you have a wedding coming up, make sure you do it the “twenties” style. We have many helpful tips for art deco wedding decorations in our website too. Make the best of it.