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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Furniture Characteristics

Even when art deco design started for almost 90 years ago, many people from all over the world are still influenced by art deco design. Art deco design has been able to influence all areas of design, from architecture, interior design, fashion, visual arts, to furniture design. Adding any piece of art deco furniture into any home will not just add detail and design, it can make any room look glamorous, luxurious, elegant, and contemporary. Art deco design involves several design style elements from different famous artworks and contemporary fashion trends.

Art Deco Furniture Characteristic: Sleek Lines

Art Deco Furniture

Sleek lines are one of the most common characteristic in art deco in general, not just in art deco furniture. For art deco chairs or couches, sleek lines, rounded corners, and with a curve going inwards are usually seen. Those design styles for chairs or couches were done to suggest intimacy and sensuousness in people who will sit on it. Elongated shapes of stylized human forms were also very common in making other forms of art deco furniture, even in making lightings and statues.

Art Deco Furniture Characteristic: Geometric Patterns

Another iconic characteristic in art deco design is geometric patterns. Using triangles, squares, rectangles, circles, and other geometric shapes with different design styles on how shapes are creatively arranged are very common in any art deco design, especially in art deco furniture. The most common geometric shape that is used in many art deco furniture is circular designs.

Art Deco Furniture Characteristic: Modular Design

Art deco design started the modular design in the history of furniture design. Modular design of furniture with art deco design became very popular. Even up to the present, art deco furniture with modular design is still very much loved by many people. Furniture made up of several small pieces that fit together is a type of art deco modular design furniture. The style that art deco modular design furniture go for are bold, innovative, and at the same time, inviting and comfortable.

Art Deco Furniture Characteristic: Fabric Classes

Various art deco furniture are enhanced by the type of fabric or upholstery being used. To add detail or art deco feel to any art deco furniture with upholstery, using fabrics such as silk, fabrics with bold geometric designs, animal prints, or even exaggerated floral prints can be used. Fabrics play a very big role in most art deco furniture, since it can help in complimenting the sleek, glamorous, elegant, and contemporary styling in art deco design.