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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Furniture Design

Art Deco Design – A Modern Age Art Form

The art deco design movement, started in 1920s, signaled the start of a new era of modern age designing. This dazzling style had soon established it’s place in architecture, furniture design and decorative arts. The fine material and exquisite workmanship exhibit in the designs, soon made a mark in the furniture industry. It became popular in various countries in post-world war period but in Europe and United States it got the maximum appreciation.  The basic of the art deco design furniture was architectural lines and curves with lot of luxury and style with superb finishing touch.

Art Deco Design Mirror Chest

Use Of Mirrors In Art Deco Design

The term art deco originated in 1925 during the exposition of French art at Le Musee des Arts Decoratifs. It was the time when society was flourishing and people started showing their interest in luxury goods. The best investment of that time in furniture would be the investment in mirrored furniture. The mirror furniture was very glamorous in look. From coffee table to vanity table to dressers all these were being designed and manufactured out of mirror pieces. Furniture made with mirror had an appeal that attracted many of the households. They had no hesitation investing their money in something so delicate in nature.

Rich And Sleek Look Wood Furniture

The other group of designers in art deco era were busy making furniture made of rich and exotic wood. Theambionia, violetwood, ebony and mahogany were the most south-after woods of art deco design. Rhulmann and other renowned designers of that time were working on various furniture designs with the dictum the rare the wood type the better it would make furniture. These exotic woods were given an added glamour with lacquer finish. The lacquer has most glossy texture that gives furniture piece a very rich and sleek look. Lacquer finish is the typical of style of art deco design. Less expensive woods were also used but with several coats of lacquer to give them same rich and sleek look of ebony and rosewood.

Industrial Appeal Through Art Deco Design

The post war period is commonly referred as the machine age. At this time manufacturing industry saw the biggest boom. Factories started producing products of all type in a lightning speed. The rise of machine era made easy the production of exotic good such as trains, plains, automobiles and also the regular products of day to day use like radio, lamps, refrigerators, etc. the futuristic-machine appeal start influencing the other areas as well. Designers at that time had most easily achieved that industrial appeal with metal and steel accents and finish.

Art Deco Design Furniture For Your Luxurious Home Decor

The art deco design furniture had one more peculiarity of luxury embellishment. They used quartzes, jewels and luxurious stones for an added accent. Some of the most popular of them were jade, ivory, murano.  Glass use or leather, luxurious embellishments or lacquer or rich wood all these were combined together to create art deco design furniture to achieve the richness and modernity and overall luxurious look.