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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Furniture Materials And Design

Art Deco Influence On Architecture

Art deco design belongs to the time of World War I but its impact was so huge that even today you may come across a lot of things influenced directly by the 1920’s art deco style. There are so many designer stores online that are designing and showcasing their love for art deco. From furniture to clothing, you name it and you have it.  Main theme of an art deco was architectural lines and curves.  Art deco furniture especially is characterized by the use exotic materials such as animal’s skin and exotic wood as well as the metals like stainless steel and aluminum.

Use Of Exotic Wood Material In Art Deco Design Furnitures

Exotic Wood For Making The Art Deco Design Furniture

The wood used in art deco design was teak, ebony and rosewood. The major credit goes to the transportation technology for giving the art deco furniture its real touch. To make the art deco design furniture, designers had to import the exotic woods like ebony. The reason why the art deco could take its real shape was that at that time transportation was advance enough so that designer could actually visualize their creative ideas. When they used the harder exotic woods they could hone straight edges to create art deco motif which was difficult with the regular furniture wood like pine which is very soft.

Lacquered: A Less Expensive Option For Making Art Deco Design Furniture

Ebony and rosewood are expensive wood and was beyond the reach of common household. For whom the ebony furniture was difficult to afford substituted the same design with a cheaper options like lacquered. This cheaper option had all the quality that was required to make real art deco furniture. A highly polished lacquered offers the same warmth and shine as the ebony and rosewood, comparatively in a very low price. With the popularity of the Asian wood the Asian designs like geometric borders and knot motifs also got recognition in Europe and America.

Use Of Metal In Art Deco Design Furniture

Metal like steel and aluminum were frequently used in art deco furniture.  Skyscrapers, which were difficult earlier, become possible with the improvement in steel making.  Steel had allowed the designers to echo there feeling.  They started by experimenting the metal with everything. Furniture with steel frames, metal railings even the women’s outfit had a woven metal purse to make it more formal. Polished metal was easy to give any shape so it majorly took part in all art deco designing.

Art Deco Design Created Drama To Cover The Harsh Reality Of 1920s

So, here are the art deco design and material used in furniture in 1920s and 1930s. It was the breakaway time from the tradition. The breakaway movement carried over to designs, materials and pattern. In contrast to the following line it was the time of straight line and geometric pattern. And the material they used had to be one that could mimic those patterns. Designers at that time were trying their best to cover the harsh reality of Great Depression with luxurious art deco design.