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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco House Design

Art Deco Influence On Commercial Buildings

Art deco design that became popular in the 1920’s and 1930’s are world renowned art design. The impact of art deco san still be seen in the architectural style and often referred to as the Modern art form. The rural housing had less or no impact of the art deco but a lot can be seen in the commercial and urban development. The design plan consists of simplicity and geometrical shapes. The art deco design plan for building consists of walls with smooth texture and roof design is of shallow pitch or mostly flat.

Art Deco Design – Architecture

The cubic shapes and design of the art deco resembles the uniqueness of a home or any commercial building. Art deco houses are most commonly found in cities and towns around the globe. These were mostly built in the 1930’s after the art deco movement in the 1920’s. Many architects such as Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright have laid the foundation of art deco houses and schools such as De Stijl had flourished the art deco design home to the rest of the world.  In Paris, you can see many fashionable art deco homes built in the 1930’s period and after that it flourished to USA and other parts of the world.

Art Deco House Design

The Characteristics Of Art Deco Design On Homes

The modern buildings make use of a single design rather than multiple designs. The art deco mostly consists of simple zigzag design, vertical lines and do not make use of different theme in excess. Other few common features that are associated with the art deco design is the use of glass material, metal railings, awesome finishes and use of concrete. However, curved walls are quiet visible with the art deco theme buildings. The shape of the art deco homes is mostly like a box and very simple. Like the commercial building, art deco homes are also boxed shape with different sizes and distances to give the home their depth.

Art Deco Houses Are Rare To Find

Art deco homes are relatively intermittent. You can find various public art deco buildings, movie theatres, commercial buildings, supermarkets and plenty of furniture and jewelry but you would find less number of art deco homes. They are very few. However, if you want a home that’s a bit stylish and different, art deco home can be the perfect choice. It represents an essential substitute to red blocks and cemented roofs. Art deco design homes are greatly influenced by the Colonial period. They come in different range from simple Modern Colonial to Classic Cape Cods.

How And Where You Can Buy An Art Deco Design Home?

There are many real estate agents who are working their best to provide their customers with the best art deco homes. If you are willing to invest money in property, you can make a good investment by putting your money on these homes. What the art deco modern style offers; cannot be compared with any other design. The art deco homes are rare properties but surly you can find some by seeking the help of real estate agents and also you can search for them online. The value of an art deco design home will be higher than the other contemporary designs.