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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Inspired Black And White Wedding Theme

Black And White Art Deco Wedding Theme

If you want to give a sophisticated appearance to your wedding, then art deco design can be the best inspiration. Art deco is all about luxury, brightness, glamour, extravagance and class. Colors have a great contribution in such design art. Black and white are two the most popular colors which are being highly used in western weddings. So, if you are planning for art deco wedding theme, then plan it in black and white combination. It will surely enhance your wedding’s event and make it memorable for years.

Economical & Easy Theme

Like traditional weddings, art deco wedding theme is also consists of different events and several things have to be considered for a perfect wedding. In such things, the most considerable things are – location, wedding dress, car, decorations, music and dance, accessories, seating arrangements etc. Everything should be arranged as per art deco

Black And White Art Deco Designed Wedding Invitations

design. This theme is quite easy to achieve and also fairly economical. In this theme, the most of the required objects are vintage. So, keep vintage style in your mind and then go for an art deco wedding theme.

Venue Should Be A Traditional Art Deco

At the time of art deco development i.e. 1920-1930, several buildings of art deco design have established. These buildings are very well known for its amazing art work and design. These buildings are considered to be the most beautiful and sophisticated buildings of time. In Paris, you can still see amazing art deco traditional buildings and if you are living there then select such building for your wedding and give your wedding a true art deco theme. If you don’t get a traditional building, then search for a hotel, theatre, hall of art deco design.

Use White Flowers For Decoration

To get a theme based on colors, the most influential factor is decoration. With decoration, you should consider every part of the venue where your eyes reach on. A perfect wedding decoration is necessary to make your wedding attractive and such wedding remains alive in mind for lifetime. In art deco wedding theme, flowers can do magic. If you are planning for black and white theme, then use white flower everywhere and this will make the environment peaceful, flowery and pleasant. For black touch, use containers in black. White Cala Lily, white orchids silver artemesia are your flower options for your wedding theme.

A Vintage Style Gorgeous Wedding Dress & Delicious Cake In White

In Christians, all the wedding dresses are specifically in two colors – white and black. A bride’s dress is a white gown and the groom dresses in black. So, use an attractive looking vintage wedding gown and a trendy black dress. All the guests should also dress in these two colors. In addition to dress, a wedding cake is similarly important in wedding events. So, use a cake showing off art deco design in its shape.