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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Inspired Wedding Theme Ideas

Make Your Wedding Unforgettable With Art Deco Theme

Art Deco Design theme for your wedding ceremony or reception can make your party such an unforgettable moment for all who will attend this occasion. Art deco design which was popular several decades back in 1920-1940 is still known for its revolutionary style and elegance. To bring such appeal in your wedding, you should go for art deco theme and it is certain that you will never forget the charm of the same. Dress code, decorations, wedding hall, music, dance and almost everything can be included while planning your wedding theme with art deco design.

Make Your Wedding Reception Glamorous With Art Deco Design

Art deco Wedding

As it is known that art deco design has complete touch of glamour and sophistication, so to have such appeal in your wedding theme, you should include Hollywood glam in the theme. Organizing reception party in an old theater can be an interesting idea and will surely enhance your party. In that theater or any other reception venue, you can use posters for vintage movie to get actual feel of Hollywood and art deco. These posters can be decorated on walls or as table numbers.

Exhibit Art Deco Design Theme Through Your Invitation Cards

Indeed, invitation cards are the best alternative to represent your wedding theme. So, you should choose invitation cards’ design very carefully and it should perfectly represent art deco theme. As per art deco style, all the objects look bright and colorful, so your cards should be similar. All your party theme and plans must be clearly written over these cards, so that your guests can better take part in your art deco themed party.

Add Lots Of Fun In Your Wedding Party

Without fun a party seems boring and no one likes to stay longer for such event. Therefore, it is your duty to add lots of fun in your party. For this purpose, you can plan some games or can organize music of art deco time. Having such music of art deco era, will surely give your party real appeal of art deco design. Additionally, you can plan any dress code for girls and boys differently which should be bright in colors and thus, it will be a versatile event for sure.

Art Deco Design Jewelry & Costumes For Wedding

In a wedding, jewelry and costumes have a great significance and almost every bride, loves to shop for jewelry and clothes for this occasion. But when it comes to art deco style, your selection of jewelry and costumes should be according to art deco. So, you can choose dresses with bright colors, sweeping lines and drapery that will give an aesthetic look to wearer. Else you can wear a gown made of silk which gives such an elegant appearance and wear it with a waist belt that will look truly perfect. In art deco styled jewelry you can easily get bracelets, brooches, necklaces, earring, watches, rings etc. So, use all these objects to get extreme art deco design in your wedding theme.