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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Inspired Wedding

Art deco started during the 1920s in France, wherein it is described to be a type of eclectic art that focuses on different bold, geometric, and stylized forms. Art deco is considered to be a type of design style where it represents sleek, glamour, elegance, and the modern era. Art deco has been able to influence a lot of people from all over the world, and it has also influenced all areas of design. Art deco has also been famous and used as a motif for wedding ceremonies all around the world.

Choosing the Location for Your Art Deco Inspired Wedding

Art Deco Wedding Reception

You do not have to get married in France for you to be able to do an art deco inspired wedding. However, if you can find a structure in your place or somewhere accessible that was built during the 1920s era that is available for rental and is still well preserved, then it can be a perfect location for you art deco inspired wedding. Having your wedding in such place can make your wedding unique and memorable.

Wedding Invitations for Your Art Deco Inspired Wedding

Art Deco Wedding Invitation

What is a wedding without wedding invitations? Wedding invitations can give your invited guests ideas on how they will dress and prepare to fit in the motif of your wedding. Since art deco is a type of minimalist design style, you can make a simple invitation with art deco design. Use fonts that are particularly bold and distinct in your wedding invitation.

Art Deco Inspired Wedding Cake

Art Deco Wedding Cake

As the moment anyone of us enters the place where a wedding reception is held, we always look at the cake and how it is designed. In an art deco inspired wedding, the cake’s design can ultimately reflect the motif of the wedding. You have to keep in mind that when it comes to designing the cake for your art deco inspired wedding, you have to focus on sharp geometric lines and the use of bold colors (black, white, gold) for the major and minor details in your cake.

Art Deco Inspired Wedding Attires

Art Deco Wedding Dress

For the bride and her bridesmaids and maid of honor, they should be wearing a dress that is elegant and glamorous. A flapper dress is one of the most common and distinct art deco design dress. Flapper dresses can be worn by the bride and the rest of the female entourage.

As for the groom and his best man and groomsmen, they can wear a double-breasted suit with suspenders with buttons underneath (braces). Never forget the hat of course (fedora, panama, or boater hat). Without the hat, the art deco inspired wedding motif will never be complete.