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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Interior Design

Using art deco design for interior designing has its roots in the years of 1920s. Interior designing with art deco design has been a long standing tradition that is done from office buildings, hotel rooms, to residential houses to create a sleek style, to give a wonder impression of glamour and art. When considering on how to design any interior space, it is important to take into consideration how you want that specific interior space to look like and what specific design would you like to use, such as art deco design.

History of Art Deco Design

The term art deco was taken from the Exposition Internationale des Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, which was a type of World’s Fair in 1925 at Paris, France. However, the term art deco was not used until after the 1960. Art deco design is a type eclectic design style that generally uses geometric and angular shapes. Art deco design was able to influence all areas of design including architecture, jewelries, visual arts, interior designs, paintings, film, furniture, etc.

Incorporating Art Deco Design into Your Interiors

To successfully adapt art deco design into your interior spaces, you need to consider several factors when doing your interior design. Here are the basics of interior designing associated with art deco design.

Art Deco Design Color Palettes

  • Color– Art deco design has a minimalist in nature. So, when it comes to choosing the color for your furniture, lightings, wall, carpet, etc., you need to consider using a lot of neutral color palettes, such as black, grey, white, tan, beige, brown, cream, and silver. If you wish, you can use bold colors, such as green, red, maroon, yellow, blue, and gold, for accents and details.

    Art Deco Design Flooring

  • Flooring– In choosing the material for your floor, you can use checkered tiles (black and white), marble floors, or glossy hardwood. To complete the art deco design on your flooring, you can use carpets or rugs with geometric designs that can add details to your floor.

    Art Deco Design Furniture (Chair with Upholstery)

  • Furniture – Highly lacquered with elegant curves furniture is a type of art deco design furniture. For art deco design wood furniture, it is usually made from rosewood, walnut, maple, or teak wood. Art deco design furniture can also be made from chrome, stainless steel, glass, and/or vinyl materials, which can be combined with upholstery and/or leather materials. Those furniture with upholstery or leather are usually used on larger scale pieces, such as chairs, lounges, and sofas.