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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Jewelry History

The La Société des artistes décorateurs is a group of French artists from the 1920s who have founded the Art Deco Movement during the Paris Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels specifically held during the year 1925. The Art Deco Movement was not referred to as Art deco movement not until the 1960s. The art deco movement was originally called the “Style Moderne”. The Art Deco Movement easily got famous and loved by many people not just in Paris but people from all over the world, since the design and style followed by the Art Deco Movement are simple, yet elegant and modern.

Art Deco Period Jewelry

Art Deco Jewelry History

Jewelries from the Art deco period are not the usual jewelries that we normally see worn by anyone. Art deco jewelries have this distinct architectural appearance which made it different from other jewelries from other time periods. Art deco jewelries always have gemstones in it that were cut in nothing but bold geometric shapes. Gemstone cuts that are commonly used in making art deco jewelries are, but not limited to:

  • Emerald Cut
  • Pentagon
  • Trapezoid
  • Trillion Cut, which is also known as the Triangle Cut

Characteristics of Art Deco Jewelry

Aside from Art Deco Jewelry’s architectural appearance, there is still another distinct characteristic. That is the combination of bold and contrasting colors or tones, which are specifically white and black. For gemstones, diamonds and other light colored gemstones were usually used in combination with other dark colored gemstones, such as black onyx. When a light colored gemstone is used in combination with a dark colored gemstone will have a striking appearance, which will make it unique from other types or forms of jewelry.

Art Deco Jewelry Fabrication

Because of the art deco movement, jewelry fabrication during the 1920s were mostly using only some certain types of metals or materials. These materials include but not always limited to rhodium, platinum, white gold, silver, brass, and palladium. Using white gold, silver, or brass in combination with platinum, palladium, or radium can give the art deco jewelry a more contemporary look.

Famous Art Deco Jewelry Designers

Even up to the present times, there are still many people who love using art deco jewelries. There are numerous jewelry designers that are prominent when it comes to art deco jewelry. Some of the famous art deco jewelry designers include Louis Cartier, Jean Després, Gérard Sandoz, Réne Lalique, and Raymond Templier.