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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Movement 1920’s

Impact Of Art Deco Movement

Art deco design movement which is originally referred as the “Style Moderne” until 1960s was actually got its recognition as art deco by an English historian Bevis Hiller in his book ‘Art Deco of the 20s and 30’. At this time the decorative art had seen drastic changes. It had influenced every aspect of life, from fashion to architecture, consumer products to film production, any area where there was a little scope of design and creativity was reformed with art deco movement. The post war period was optimistic and people were featuring towards their bright future.

Art Deco Design Movement Represents Excitement

The art deco design movement actually represents the excitement and hopefulness in the air. There was happiness all around which had bound to influence the culture and the society. Women got the right to vote and they now wanted to show off their individuality. They stylize them more with new accessories and experimental pieces. The sense of freedom inspired the leisurely travel.  Industrial growth that accelerated high in 1920s had its own role in improving the quality of life. In simple words you can say that 1920s was the period that was depicting excitement, hope and promises everywhere.

Art Deco Design – Universal Approach To A Common Art Form

Art deco design culture has been effective since 1920’s. It’s the art which can be implemented in each and every form. Away from the political influence, the art deco movement was a renowned art form brought in by the ideas of world best artisans. A lot of emphasis was laid down to bring a universal art form, which could stand the versatility of the ever changing world. Art deco easily managed to conceive the ideas and become one of the practical art form visible in the magnificent buildings, infrastructure, movie theatres, jewelries, home and home décor. You cannot escape the vivacity of the art deco design and it can easily capture your attention.

Sunburst Motif

Sunburst Motif – A Great Feature Of The Art Deco Design

Sunburst motif, one of the most unique features of art deco design had a great impact on various builders across the universe. You can easily see its influence on the windows of many art deco style homes. The spectacular design of the art deco consisting of parts radiating from the central disk like sunbeams looks truly astonishing. Art deco movement was a stepping stone to the old European art form and it captured the eye of the crowd. A design so eclectic was the first choice of great artist across the universe.

Safeguard The Art Deco Design

Art deco movement 1920’s brought in a total new dimension to the art industry. Whatever you name it, had art deco influence. From buttons to gem stones embedded engagement rings, art deco influence could easily be noticed. A lot of dedicated streets could still be found in Miami and Sacramento which truly speaks the power of art deco design. Special efforts are still going on to safeguard the art deco culture. Make sure that you acknowledge yourself the importance of art deco design so that their continuity remains for several more hundred years.

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