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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Paintings Are Integral Part Of Art Deco Design

Elements That Influence Art Deco Design

The peak period of art deco design was 1920 to 1940. During this period, this art form has influenced almost everything including clothes, building, architecture, décor, art work, etc. This design has born in Paris, but eventually, the fragrance of this art has not spared any country around the world. The marks of this art form can be seen in various films and ancient buildings. It is quite sophisticated design that gives an imprint of elegance to object whereon art deco style is applied. Other movements that affect this design include world war, modernism, art nouveau, cubism, futurism and neoclassicism.

Art Deco Paintings Give An Appealing Look To Décor

Art Deco Painting

The paintings which are developed under art deco design give such a remarkable appeal to décor. These paintings feature human being, emotions, nature and animals. Using these paintings in buildings can give it a unique appearance that is why still architects or interior decorators use it in their home décor or commercial projects. These paintings look lively as if it has life and they seem as it is about to speak. Mostly these paintings are based on human characteristics and imaginations. Some of these paintings look quite erotic showing images of nudes as well.

Art Deco Design Portraiture

This period has introduced amazing portraiture as artist like Tamara De Lempicka has contributed to art deco portraiture. This artist was world known for this amazing portraiture and exceptional style. Her work has got recognition all across the world due to its appealing characteristics and uniqueness. Through her work which is named as “Portrait of a young girl in a green dress”, she has shown amazing combination of colors and thus, a bright and different piece of work has developed. The entire portraiture was based on her imagination and that is why; still this work is existed in art history.

The Society Which Has Encouraged Art Deco Paintings

This design movement is called as rich and extravagant because it is consisted to top class people. All the objects of art deco are quite expensive and thus, it is only possible to achieve by high class society. The behavior of high class people has encouraged this design and its paintings. In addition to high profile society of 20s, various movements that have taken place at that time have also given direction to the emergence of this design. As per a famous historian, Edward Lucie Smith, the portraits of art deco have live spirit that speaks through its paintings. It is natural but unique indeed.

Art Deco Style Characteristics

The main characteristic of this form of design is post war movements and various other social movements. The nature of Paris people has also put a straight influence on this design. In art deco paintings, various creations have taken parts and as its result various artists have come into existence like Jean Jacques Rateau, Jacques Emile Ruhlmann, Jean Dunand, Rene Lalique, Edgar Brandt, Cartier and Maurice Marinot. It has seen that mostly in the décor of art deco design, ornamental colored glass, shiny and bright objects have used and thus, mixing up all these characters develop this unique art deco design ultimately.