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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Period Makeup Style

Make up styles have its own time, just like in fashion. Well in fact, fashion trends and makeup trends will always go together. During the art deco period, there were drastic changes in women’s fashion sense, such as hairstyles, flapper fashion, and flapper makeup. You will easily know when you see a person wearing a distinct makeup color scheme and style if from what era or period did it came from. In 1920s, women were referred to as liberated “flappers”, wherein flappers’ makeup styles were meant to be obvious and somehow rebellious in a sense.

Dramatic Eyelids

Art Deco Period Makeup Style

Women during the 1920s love lining their eyelids dramatically. Since during the 1920s, there were no too much makeup compared to the present times, women from the 1920s usually make use of kohl to outline their eyelids. And in fact, women during the 1920s will not be satisfied by only drawing a dark line on their eyelids, but they will only stop applying kohl until the crease lines of their eyes. Applying kohl up to a person’s crease lines will give the wearer an intense look.

Eye Shadows

During the 1920s, pots of cream eyes shadows were already made. During the 1920s, women love using dark color schemes. Women from the decade love using dark gray, dark green, turquoise, and other dark eye shadows.

Ivory-Toned Face

It was during the 1920s when women’s ideal skin tone was light colored or porcelain-like. However, not all women were naturally gifted with porcelain-like skin tone. For women who do not have a light skin tone, they apply ivory colored face powder all over their faces. There were also women who were not contended by achieving porcelain-like tone of the face through the application ivory colored face powder. Those women tried to bleach their faces to achieve a lighter skin tone. However, plenty of those women who underwent bleaching suffered from skin burns, scars, and facial sores just to achieve a lighter skin complexion.

Thick Eyelashes

Before the mascara was invented, women used Vaseline mixed with soot to create an ointment-like mixture that can help in letting the eyelashes look darker and thicker. Luckily, it was during the year 1919 when the famous makeup company Maybelline, released a cake mascara that came with an eyelashes brush. Women from the 1920s do not have to use Vaseline and soot just to make their eyelashes appear darker and thicker. To use the cake mascara during the 1920s, the eyelashes brush will first be moistened then rubbed into the cake mascara and then applied to the eyelashes.