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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Plastic Jewelry

When you think of Art Deco style, probably the first thing that comes to your mind is simple lines and geometric shapes. Art Deco in its purest form is portrayed by bare-bones lines and geometric shapes with minimal embellishments, and this sleek and very elegant style is very well adopted as machine or modern age styling. But for how long you can expect something to be real and pure. In this materialistic world nothing remains uncontaminated for long, and clearly Art deco style was no exception to that rule. It got altered in so many ways.

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Art Deco Intermarried with Various Local Traditions

The geometric shapes and lines were often joined with figurative motif, or you can say the figurative motif was turned into geometric fashion designs. Art Deco jewelry was inspired by various things and mostly by the machines (from where the ‘machine age’ term derived) including the modern age transportation like cruise ships, aircraft, railroad. It had the influence of fine and decorative art as well.

Art Deco Plastic Brooches and Clips

In addition to that, Art Deco borrowed ideas substantially from various international art sources from Aztecs of Mexico and Egypt to the Far East, and wherever it went Art Deco style intermarried with local traditions and design esthetics to create unique local interpretations such as the pueblo deco found in the American southwest and tropical deco style of Miami Beach.

What is Art Deco?

If you really want to understand Art Deco in its true sense then I would say Art Deco is all about being modern. It is about future and exhibits it in the use of novel and new materials. Art Deco was one famous style that has decorated nearly everything. You could see the effects on objects as large as cruise ships and as small as rings and bangle bracelets worn by fiercely modern flappers.

Art Deco Jewelry and Plastic

Art Deco Plastic Rings

Though most period Art Deco jewelry made with plastic is unsigned, but then comes a few designers that made their mark and their creativity is recognized and are in popular demand today.

  • In Paris, Auguste Bonaz did a wonderful job and made everything from necklace to hair clips and other accessories from plastic and metal. His work has a huge demand among Art Deco collectors.
  • In Germany Henkel & Grosse and the firm Jakob Bengel made stunning pieces using plastic as jewel decoration in the genre.
  • Belle Kogan in New York City created stretched polka dot bracelets that mesmerized collectors when they came for sale.

    Art Deco Plastic Jewelry Clip-on Earrings

  • Martha Sleeper (the movie star and designer) was one of the most innovative and inventive American designer of that time. She mixed and matched various materials with plastic to create striking and unusual designs that are loved by the collectors today.

The four main plastics materials that these Art Deco period designers used were Galalith, Bakelite, Celluloid and Lucite. Celluloid was used as a replacement of natural material ivory because it can be molded using heat. However, it was quite flammable and soon it was replaced with its chemical counterpart cellulose acetate. Both of these versions are referred as ‘celluloid’ by the collectors of modern time.