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Art Deco Prints

Art Deco Design Of Jazz Age

The art deco design is associated with the Jazz Age and the Roaring 20s. In early 1900s, Paris exhibited a profound influence of orientalism of the Russian Ballet. The artists, art movements like Futurism, Cubism were all influenced by the Ballet Russe. The art deco is the highpoint of such art movements in Paris. It grew and evolved through the First World War and into the 1920s and 1930s. The people were optimistic after the end of war and the setting was cheerful. The movement saw eruption of uninhibited creativity.  The impact of art and jazz was on clothes, architecture, cars and movies.

Effects Of Art Deco Design On Society

The people viewed this spectacular art form for the first time in an International Art Exhibition in Paris in 1925. The lifestyle turned modernistic and sexual boldness was the rage of the day. The 1920s Flappers or Garcons, its French version with short hair, sexy lingerie and boldness became the trend setters. The art form depicted power, bold colors and speed. The most important aspect of art deco art form was its beautiful symmetry of design. This was reflected in fashion jewellery and other consumer goods and artifacts.  The stress of all art form was on decorative ornamental significance.

Art Deco Prints

Art Deco Prints

The art deco prints or paintings of this period are well known for their remarkable colors, glamour and geometric symmetries. It had strong influence of African Art. Picasso, Brunalleschi, Erte and Paul Poiret were the greatest artists of these times. The jazz age also brought about mass consumerism. Designer jewellery and clothes were exported all around. Martin, Brissaud, Iribe, Barbier, Marty and Gerda Wegener designed illustrated pochoir prints and fetish photos. These and artists like Biederer, Ostra, Yva Richard and Grundworth exhibited freedom of art form and sensuality like never seen before. The prints from the 1920s were delightful detailed works of art.

Impact Of Art Deco Prints

Hundreds of authentic prints are available in art galleries. My personal favorite is the ‘Girl in Green Dress’ by famous artist Tamara De Lempicka. A varied choice of reproductions of art deco prints and posters are also easily available to adorn your houses and offices. The 1920’s and 1930’s art deco print designs represented the fashion, food and travel of that era. Some styles were also nature inspired. The vintage posters of 1930s are also quite in fashion. Posters had sleek and simplified shapes. The curved lettering of Art Nouveau style was replaced with angular font. These prints were usually fixed on linen and folded by machines before distribution.

Spectacular Art Deco Design In Print

Art deco design is a remarkable type of art form. The vintage movie posters of 1920s exhibiting power and glamour are still being admired. They are bold and depict speed and strength. The advertisement posters with sleek almost 3D lettering effect were enchanting. The art deco prints formed the foundation of modern day advertising. They also celebrate the contemporary life style of 1920s. Even after more than nine decades, this art form in prints, posters and canvasses are still in vogue! The art deco design are perfect for you if you want to add a dash of elegance and glamour to your interiors.