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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Sconces

Art deco style made its appearance on the world stage right at the beginning of the 20th century. Its sleek look and clean line steered in the contemporary style. Even today, in the 21st century, Art Deco wall sconces still are the famous interior decoration of the modern home.

Art Deco Movement

According to the “British Broadcasting Channel”, the Art Deco movement was started in Paris just before the event of World War I, although it had its popularity all over Europe and later in the United States. The movement had its popularity till the end of the World War II. The art deco style with its unique feature of geometric designs was advertised as the foundation of the modern art and architecture. It became featured on various types of materials such as polished wood, glass, black lacquer, tiles, and mirrors.

Art Deco Sconce Features

A wall sconce is a stylish lamp or light that hangs on the wall. It’s typically a decorative piece; however it is usually equipped with candlelight or an electric bulb to provide light in the area in which it’s hung. Interior home designers use wall sconces to add light as well as bring visual balance to specific areas of the home like the photo or art gallery. Specifically, an Art Deco wall sconce is a decorative lamp that was produced in the Art Nouveau era or in Art Deco panache.

Where You Can Install Art Deco Sconces?

Art deco sconces usually runs by an electric current, so you need to carefully select the style of each sconce and how you can arrange current for it. In this sconce style, the material used is very delicate so this makes art deco sconces an ideal choice to use for interior decorating.

Art deco style is the most accepted choice for high end designing of the rooms, especially for the dining room and bedrooms. Here sconces are the ideal choice and makes perfect sense to bring out the natural flow in the décor. You can always add art deco sconces to a variety of color, style and light to any wall of your decorative room.

Because of their diverse receptivity, these sconces also adjust well into both vintage as well as modern styles. Don’t be afraid to use your own idea and put pair of sconces anywhere you want in the room. You’ll be astonished to notice how two different style works together to give your room a new stylish look. Art deco scones also excellently work to put up a styling and fun tone at auspicious occasions. The style, in fact, is used in many wedding occasions around the globe.

Where You Can Buy Art Deco Sconces?

Original art deco sconces can be expensive to buy. However, there are many companies that produce art deco sconces reproduction that are usually inexpensive. Deco sconces can be easily recognized by the straight line and geometric prints. The glass used in the sconce may have other decorative quality which are usually designed by etching or enameled method. You can also buy them from the comfort of your home by ordering from any e-commerce websites such as amazon.