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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Sofas

Thinking of buying a new sofa? Confused whether to install an antique or modern sofa that  goes well with your interiors? Well, if you are then this article is for you. Today’s designer trend in sofas is a replica of the antique furniture style. They are mostly designed in geometric shapes and features straight vertical or horizontal lines. And I am sure you’d get a love for them at first sight. Isn’t it? Well these designer sofas are based on none other than Art deco style, a decorating scheme of 1925’s.

The best feature of the art deco sofas is that they sync up with any type of interior design. It is one of the designs that are contemporary as well as antique. But the dilemma is how to find a genuine art deco sofa? There are many thugs in the market that can take huge cash for a cheap imitation. So how you can avoid them? The answer is simple; acquaint yourself with the helpful tips that can help you find the right product.

Where to Find Art Deco Sofas?

To give a touch of class to your interiors, buying an art deco sofa is highly recommended. By using art deco style in your interiors, you are making a statement. This is the perfect style for any home or business owner who is trying to bridge contemporary elements with more traditional setting.  The best place to buy art deco sofas can be the thrift shops. These shops generally buy vintage art deco sofas and then remodel them or sell them as it was at an economical price.

What Are The Features of Art Deco Sofas?

To find the art deco sofa, keep in mind the following important tips:

  • Look for curvatures – Instead of harsh lines, art deco sofa usually have fine curves. These curves are usually designed in wave pattern and aren’t overly stuffy. The corners of the sofa are rounded. If you are looking for a sectional that bends around the room in a unique shape, the thrift shop is certainly the best place to get it. The style works excellent for modern houses and will definitely capture attention of many.
  • Look for rich, bold fabricsArt deco design is very luxurious and noticeable in its own way. So spot for art deco sofa that has an element of superfluity to it. Many of the more contemporary couches make use of sold fabric, which keeps your sofa more neutral so you can treasure it for many years to come. You can find these sofas from in colors from feminine pink to neutral white. Art deco sofas were designed exclusively in velvet, satin or even silk. Just make sure you are comfortable with these because they are usually not as family friendly as microfiber. Leather with unique lines was noticeable in art deco sofas. So choose what goes best with your interiors.

If you just love the style, but don’t want to settle or buy art deco sofas that are real antique, you can always look for new sofas with an art deco design.