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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Sportswear

‘Roaring Twenties’ describes a time of artistic modernization and prosperity. The changes in the social and political environment brought with it a new sense of freedom especially for the women.

1920s was a time, when communication, transportation, art, and mass production advanced rapidly. In America, women’s role in society changed dramatically and they not only won the right to vote but also discover their new looks and finally were seen as one of the most influencing segment of the society.

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Role of Women

The booming economy in the 20s made societies financially independent and secured and people began to take special interest in exotic travel. Also, women started to enjoy their life and had completely given up on traditional roles strictly imposed on them, and adapted the contemporary lifestyle of the 20s and began to actively participate in activities such as tennis or skiing.

The increasing interest in activities like sports and travel required a whole new fashionable wardrobe of course! Art deco fashion was also greatly influenced by this new – The Sporty Girl!

Active Participation of Women in Sports and Leisure Activities

In the 1920s and 1930s women actively participated in a variety of leisure activities. Sports which were greatly dominated by males of the 20s also attracted women and many of them started to actively participate in sports. Few of the popular sports of the 20s which had women participants included: skiing, golfing, tennis, bicycling and swimming.

These activities were usually enjoyed in private clubs and required a professional and formal outfit. You obviously even today cannot just walk into a club just wearing your bathing suit, doesn’t matter even if you are wearing a very cute swimming cap!

Leisure Outfits

To enter clubs in the 20s, women need to have a formal leisure outfit. These outfits like any other causal outfits was based on style and elegance and also supposed to flowy and comfy, not constricting. The growing interest in leisure activities called for appropriately chic but with comfy (yet stylish) travel clothes.

Coco Chanel’s Art Deco Sportswear

The clothing for leisure activities especially for sports had to be both attractive and functional. One such fashion designer that reigned in this class of fashion was Coco Chanel. Her clothing designs were comfortable, streamlined, elegant and simple. Women of the era desired this effortless, easy look and “sportswear” as it came to be popularly known became famous during the Art deco era.

This was the first time when clothes were not only fashionable but also functional. Art deco sports fashion was influenced by sport accessories. Many fashion designers also started to produce art deco fashion accessories for women interested in leisure activities in the 20s. The women status and their feasibility to try new dresses and sportswear also influenced many other fashion designers of the twenties to produce attractive yet comfortable clothing for women.

Changing Fashion Trends of the Women in The 20s

Art deco era is also known as the period when women started to experiment with their looks and were comfortable smoking a cigarette, travel to exotic places and participate in leisure activities.