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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Art Deco Wood Flooring & Tiles In Art Deco Interior

Use Art Deco Design Flooring To Enhance Your Interior

Art deco design is a revolutionary design that has power to bring revolutionary change in any interior. In art deco interior, flooring is the effective aspect that can bring quick enhancement to entire surrounding. There are some necessary points to keep in mind before one step up towards art deco flooring. These aspects include colors, design, texture and patterns of flooring and tiles. So, here you will learn ideas for art deco flooring to enhance your home or office interior. Art deco interior has distinctive approach and innovative style. Though, it takes inspiration from nature, but the outcome that appears with art deco interior is beyond imagination.

Idea For Art Deco Interior

Right information about art deco interior is necessary to bring actual appeal of this design moment on your interior design project. Whether you want to decorate your home or office, a right basic idea is always required to be followed. The colors, designs, patterns that get used in art deco design are different from other designs. So, you should keep such things in mind before choosing or applying them on. To get core idea, you have to get knowledge of that era when this design movement has emerged and developed. There are several websites that offering motifs, pictures and stories of art deco time. Get idea from there and then bring inspiration in your décor.

Special Kinds Of Patterns And Motifs Of Art Deco Design

Art Deco Wood Flooring

To decorate any of your home or office décor with art deco design, you can use following patterns and motifs ideas.

  • Beautiful Female Forms
  • Insect Wings
  • Shells
  • Flowers
  • S Curves
  • Vines
  • Bird Feathers
  • Floral Motifs
  • Whiplash Lines

In addition to these patterns, colors are also contributing aspect of art deco interior. The most suitable colors for art deco design are delicate and muted. So, use such colors on your flooring and get unique appearance over your décor.

Wood Flooring Is Trendy In Art Deco Interior

Wood work in art deco interior is highly being used extensively. In many ancient buildings in Italy or France which are influenced by art deco design, still have wood flooring. The use of wood work is always admired by people living in different places in the world. It looks elegant and sophisticated in every décor. It gives a trendy appearance to the whole. So, use wood flooring and get yourself prepared to have favorable words in your admire. The common flooring in art deco includes iron, marble, ebony wood etc. So, use any out of them and have art deco style to your décor.

Attractive Tiles To Be Used In Art Deco

Keeping art deco design in mind, you should make your selection for tiles for your home or office décor. There is a huge variety of tiles available in art deco design. Always remember that you should use tiles that are compatible to wall and décor color. Following are few tiles suggestion for you while deciding tiles for flooring.

  • Use stylish abstracted tiles with floral design.
  • Colorful plain tiles
  • Pastel shades
  • Patterned tiles

All these tiles give an enhancing look to flooring and increase the beauty of the place.