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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Artists Who Influenced The Culture Of Art Deco

Art Deco Design – An Eclectic Art Form Of The Machine Age

Art deco design is the world’s most magnificent art form which began as a movement in Paris in the 1920’s. When you see the beautiful skyscraper or unique geometrical shaped buildings you often get puzzled as to which art form was so spectacular. Well, its art deco which is known for its eclectic nature and an art form of the machine age. The art deco buildings in United States, Australia, New Zealand and India are perfect examples to explore some of the best art deco design work across the universe. It’s a design form which you can either turn into the most complex architectural design or a simple one according to your needs and desires.

Some Famous Art Deco Design Artists

Art deco design will not have flourished if art deco artists haven’t showed their remarkable work. Let’s know some brief information on the famous art deco design artists:

  • Viktor Schreckengost – One of the famous names in the art deco period. He was a great American designer specialized in industrial designing. He designed the famous Jazz Bowl, which is now a famous icon of the American art deco culture.
  • Tamara de Lempicka – She was first artist who was known to be a popular glamorous star. She was a Polish art deco designer. She designed and painted a large variety of art deco paintings inspired from the glamorous world.
  • Erte – He was a French art deco artist and designed the most glamorous fashion accessories. Also he designed a lot of art deco jewelry and graphic designs.
  • Paul Manship – A well known name in the American art deco sculpture designing. A known classy sculptor designed almost indigenous art deco designed sculptures by making use of bronze and medals.
  • Raymond Hood – He struggled a lot before becoming an iconic American art deco architect. He designed many building based upon the art deco geometrical designs.
  • Josef Hoffmann – A known Austrian designer and architect famous for his love for geometrical designs.  A true inspiration of the art deco culture and his versatility in using art deco design form.
  • Lee Lawrie – One of the most famous American sculptor and architect. He became famous for providing the detailed art deco design form in the various buildings. A good example is the detail work on the Nebraska State Capitol building.

These artists and many more laid the foundation of the art deco design. Without them, art deco may not have traveled such a long distance.

Use Art Deco Design To Renovate Your Home

Art deco is the most stylized art form and you can use it many ways from decorating a room to design mega structures. The most distinguishable feature of the art deco is that it can be used in almost each and every thing from paintings to buildings; it’s a design that can adjust itself with the changing trends of the world. You can still see a lot of influence of art deco on fashion world and paintings. To know more about art deco design and how you can use it to design your own home scroll through other articles of the website.